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Name of the file: Xeodrifter Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock
Breaker Break the Boss's Shield.
Explorer Visit 100% of Map.
Hacker Collect Health During a Boss Battle.
Parametric Collect all Gun Extenders.
Phaze Power Collect Power-up.
Plane Shift Power Collect Power-up.
Rocket Power Collect Power-up.
Run Power Collect Power-up.
Secret Stash Find Hidden Health.
Security Blanket Collect all Health Extenders.
Snoozefest Beat Final Boss Without Taking Damage.
Solar Flare Power Collect Power-up.
Speedrun Finish the Game in Under 1 Hour.
Submarine Power Collect Power-up.
The Move Manually Stimulate a Sprite.
Warp Drive Engage Finish the Game.
We're Sorry! Kill an Alien Bat.

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