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Name of the file: Sacred 3 Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Easy money and experience hint:
Set the game to Legend difficulty and play the "Vorios" main mission. Reach
Level 6 to defeat the Walking Glacier Boss at the start of the "Icecreek
Sanctuary" main mission. Once done, pause the game and choose the "Quit Mission"
option. Reload the "Icecreek Sanctuary" main mission and defeat the Walking
Glacier repeatedly until you reach Level 18. You can then complete all side and
main missions up to the "Azabrak Ruins" main mission. You will also be powerful
enough to complete the "Gloom Vale" side mission. Keep replaying and completing
the "Gloom Vale" side mission until you reach Level 29, then complete the game
to unlock the "Deity" difficulty. Choose the "Deity" difficulty, then play the
"Icecreek Sanctuary" main mission again and keep defeating the "Walking Glacier"
until you reach Level 50.

Deity mode:
Complete the game on the Legend difficulty to unlock the Deity difficulty.

Sacred 3 is an arcade Hack 'n' Slash game for up to four players, set in the
war for Ancaria. Choose from legendary heroes and fight together against the
rise of evil. You will face hordes of grimmocs, brute beasts, legions of
mercenaries and undead wizards. Develop your character's skills and abilities
and band together to use powerful co-op abilities and tactics. Victory is Ours.
Glory is Mine.

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