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Name of the file: Over 9,000 Zombies! Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

0MG I killed some Zombies! Kill 1000+ Zombies!
1 Man, almost 1 million dead Kill 900,000+ Zombies!
Amateur Engineer! Construct 100 automated turrets.
Build a Turret! Construct a turret from scrap metal!
Make MacGuyver Proud! Construct 1000 Turrets from random scraps of metal!
Name of the Game! Kill 9,000+ Zombies!
Slay Zombie Thomas Jefferson! Vote for Zombie Thomas Jefferson, or don't.
Survivor: Day 1 The first day is always the hardest, except in this case, it's the easiest.
Survivor: Day 10 Your world didn't end!
Survivor: Day 11 Don't call me slow!
Survivor: Day 12 Decreased Zombotropy.
Survivor: Day 13 Quoth the Raven "Nevermore."
Survivor: Day 14 Blood and Flesh can be trusted.
Survivor: Day 15 A jail is an isolated system.
Survivor: Day 16 If only he had the body of a horse...
Survivor: Day 17 Terror possessed me then!
Survivor: Day 18 Health is the greatest give, a close second is BRAINS!
Survivor: Day 19 Abused patience turns to fury!
Survivor: Day 2 Making some progress...
Survivor: Day 20 The zombie world is independent of our will.
Survivor: Day 3 You won that race.
Survivor: Day 4 Green IS good.
Survivor: Day 5 You watched the world burn, and survived. It was kind of cool.
Survivor: Day 6 Lots of progress!
Survivor: Day 7 Not a wimp.
Survivor: Day 8 It didn't taste like chocolate ice cream either...
Survivor: Day 9 You didn't donate your organs...
Undead Wasteland! Kill 90,000+ Zombies!

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