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Name of the file: Ultra Street Fighter 4 Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Cheat mode:
Enter the "Prize Code" screen, select "Player Data", then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Password
"Absolute Drama" - W0ZSV5SYW2ZEEJ
"Angry Dog" - LPTPV4J9PMLW5B
"Best Combo" - 82SPR56FW3JX48
"Better Luck Next Time!" - M42OLW0IHGLGMJ
"Bold Cat" - OFU11HD1VC3TJ5
"Breath of Summer" - H3EO9O5MZTCMLQ
"Capcom Fighter" - 8TGIXJVLEKEHG8
"Cheers!" - 0QLBUU3LB7R8WO
"Chocolate-Chip Cookie" - 2592B6JIV6CR49
"Hit me again" - FPWA10SMZ378IT
"Justice till the End" - 1H98PF2079P43T
"Lightning Blast" - XVCXTA1Y16R9AG
"Nightmare" - 7QSID0IM3PPY3V
"Pro Animator" - T9N4MH7IIHT3R0
"Skillful Brother" - 277B47IFXCUUXB

Fighting second rival:
While playing as C. Viper, Cammy, Chun-Li, Guile, Ryu, or Seth, hold all
Kick buttons as soon as "Now! Fight Your Rival!" appears to fight against
the character's second rival.

Street Fighter X Tekken Costumes:
Have a savedata of "Street Fighter X Tekken" on your console to unlock the
following five extra costumes for them:

* "Bad girl" Decapre costume (SFxTK Cammy).
* "Military" Poison costume.
* Hugo viking costume.
* Rolento plumber costume.
* School uniform for Elena.
* 50 days ago no game.

Fight against second rival:
When playing as Ryu, Cammy, Chun-li, Seth, C.Viper, or Guile, hold all the Kick
buttons when the "Now! Fight your Rival!" appears.

Colors 11 and 12:
Have a saved game file from Street Fighter 4.

Fight extra Bosses in Arcade mode:
Complete the indicated task to fight the corresponding extra boss after Seth is defeated. You must fight three round matches and complete the requirements before facing Seth.

Challenge your second rival:
Hold all Kick buttons when the "Now! Fight Your Rival!" screen appears for the following characters to fight against their second rival instead.

C. Viper

Hidden player costume colors:
Have save data from Street Fighter IV on the same storage medium as your Ultra Street Fighter IV save file to unlock color palettes 11 and 12 for each character.

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