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Cheat Codes:

* There's usually no hurry to end many of the missions, even after you've accomplished all the objectives. Take the time to have your Workers collect all the remaining resources, because you can use them in the next mission.
* Use time compression to speed the harvest.
* Fighters are crucial early in the game to defend against other fighters; you can even take out smaller capital ships by swarming them with enough fighters.
* In the later part of the game, concentrate on building more powerful capital ships,and use multigun frigates to protect them against enemy fighters.
* Use the sensor manager to give orders. You don't need to drop into 3D mode until the fireworks start. Then sit back and enjoy the show.

Cheat Code for Money:
Start the game and save it at the start. Exit the game and find the savegame directory. Use a Hex editor and look in the save game for the hex value "D0 07". I found this value at A2844. Change the 07 to FF and you now have over 65000 credits to with what you wish.

Ship Units:
Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups. You'll need a HEX
editor for this hack.

- Save a new Game
- Open the save game file in a HEX editor
- Search for this string: D0 07 00 00 00 00 00 00 64 00 00 00 0E 00
- Hex 64 = 100 and Hex 0E =14
- This represents your: Total Ship Units/Ship Units used
- Change the 64 00 to B0 04
- You now have 1200 SUs
- Hex D0 07 = 2000 RUs
- Change D0 07 to FF FF
- You now have 65,535 RUs

Continue playing with carrier:
If you get destroyed, but still have a carrier, you will be able to keep playing. Disadvantages are: you will be unable to research; you cannot build anything beyond frigates; and your "support units" will go down to approximately 192. However, you can continue to destroy your opponent.

Cheat mode:
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to
activate the cheat function.

Result Code
1024x768 screen resolution /1024
1280x1024 screen resolution /1280
16-bit colors /d16
1600x1200 screen r resolution /1600
24-bit colors /d24
36-bit colors /d36
640x480 screen resolution /640
8-bit colors /d8
800x600 screen resolution /800
Feedback received stored in a text file in game folder /textfeedback
All ships are boxier /boxes
Play LAN game with other versions /forceLAN
Auto-skip all FMV sequences /disableAVI
CPU players are more determined /determcompplayer
Debug mode /debug
Disable 3rd Mode error /nodebugInt
Disable AI retreat tactics /noretreat
Disable all voices /noSpeech
Disable bi-linear filters /noFilter
Disable end-of-match text reports /captaincyLogOff
Disable front-end textures /NoFETextures
Disable KNI /disableKatmai
Disable multi-player logs /logOff
Disable polygon smoothing /noSmooth
Disable hints from SM /nohint
Disable packed textures /disablePacking
Disable wallpapers /niltextures
Disable window borders /noborder
Eliminates all CPU players /noCompPlayers
Enable slow screen blips /slowblits
Enable Stats text files /statlogon
Enable text files after battle /captaincyLogOn
Enable text files after multi-player match /logOn
Enable verbose logging files /logonverbose
Press [Home] to set camera at the center of map /smCentreCamera
Force OpenGL /gl
Gather statistics /gatherstats
Global memory size heap setter /heap [value in MB]
Light lines shown in debug mode /lightlines
Log AI player data in text files /aiplayerlog
Log data files loaded /logfileloads
Make integer 3 when a sync error occurs /intonsync
NIS testing /testNIS
NIS testing using the SCRIPT files /testnisscript
No backgrounds /noBG
Output converted to .WAV /waveout
Override [Alt] + [Tab] command when process is running /noMinimise
Overrides BIG files for mods /overridebigfile
Play demo /demoplay
Play packet recordings /packetplay
Record demo /demorecord
Record packets and auto-saves frequently /debugsync
Record packets during multi-players skirmishes /packetrecord
Resets renderers to default /sw
Reverse stereo sound /reversestereo
Ignore BIG files for mods /ignorebigfiles
Set path to CD drive /cdpath [drive: path]
Set path to open files /prepath [drive: path]
Ships will not show damage /noshowdamage
Show docking lines; default is on /docklines
Show target line; default is on /gunlines
Start in full screen; default is on /fullscreen
Start in windowed screen /window
Stipples renderer alpha /stipple
Subtitled intermission sequences /closeCaptioned
No auto-pause when [Alt] + [Tab] or [Windows] is pressed. /noPause
Use KNI /forcekatmai
Use 24-bit color with sharper rendering /truecolour
Use Direct 3D /d3d
Use Direct Sound driver /dsound
Use RGL device /device [sw, fx, or d3d]

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