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Name of the file: Thunder Wolves Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Things to Achieve [Steam]:

Bossfight Like A Boss - Kill a boss/miniboss by smashing into it.
Courage Wolf - Complete all levels at least on normal difficulty.
Crate Soulmate - Gather all 25 crates hidden in various locations.
High Five! - Destroy your chopper with your own guided rocket.
Kamikaze - Kill 10 vehicles by smashing into them.
Lord of the Skies - Kill 100 enemy helicopters.
Obtainer of the Lost Ark - Locate and winch up the Lost Ark.
Parselmouth - Complete the 'Stomp The Snake' mission on expert difficulty level in co-op mode.
Dead Island - Purge the island of the dead.
Demolicious - Destroy 1,000 buildings.
Firsties! - Complete the first main mission objective.
Get to the choppa! - Complete at least one mission with each helicopter.
Gun Guru - Complete a [non-tutorial] mission using only the machine gun.
Pedro 4 Prez - Find and eliminate Pedro in all locations.
Pointdexter - Score at least 500,000 points in a single mission.
Quickie - Complete a [non-tutorial] mission in 8 minutes or less.
Rock It Man - Complete a [non-tutorial] mission using only rockets.
Star Wolf - Get all stars in all missions.
Team Playa - Complete a mission in co-op mode.
Twofer - Kill two enemy vehicles with one rocket.

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