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Steam Achievements

Arsenal - Unlock 100 different weapons.
Bad omen - Complete all levels in the Jungle Hunt DLC without destroying any voodoo dolls.
Bookworm - Spend at least 4 seconds on each page of the 'how to play' section.
Bow for hire - Complete all levels as the Ranger.
Brute - Complete all levels as the Warrior.
Can't touch this - Avoid getting hit during a battle sequence.
Clean hands - Kill 100 enemies by using the environment.
Crazy witch - Complete all levels as the Shaman.
Deconstruction - Kill the mini-boss in the Lost Metropolis without being hit by it.
Extreme rafting - Avoid all obstacles during the raft ride.
Flyswatter - Defeat the boss in Act 3.
Fore! - Uppercut 4 enemies into the air at the same time.
Gold medalist - Earn gold medals on all levels.
Gotta learn them all - Perform all the different combo finishers.
Hazmat - Avoid the acid attacks during the elevator ride in the Queen's Tower.
Heads up! - Avoid all falling rocks in the Citadel level.
Invincible - Complete all levels without dying.
Ironhide - Unlock 30 different armors.
It's over 9,000!!! - Deal over 9,000 damage with a single attack.
Legendary hero - Reach the max level.
Master caster - Complete all levels as the Mage.
Mutual benefit - Complete all levels in multiplayer.
Never back down - Complete all challenges using one character.
Pesky carts - Avoid the minecarts in the Mine level.
Pool party - Jump into the piranha pool next to the boss.
Swimming instructor - Throw 10 enemies into the Naruvu River.
Tank me later - Complete the Tank Garrison level without using the tank.
The bigger they are... - Defeat the boss in Act 1.
The remedy - Defeat the boss in Act 5.
The whole crew - Complete a level with help from each of the four classes.
There's no David - Kill 20 large enemies while riding a mount.
Untouchable - Complete a level without taking any damage from enemies.
Vengeance is mine - Defeat the boss in Act 2.
Wingmen - Juggle an enemy together with another player.
You and what army? - Defeat the boss in Act 4.

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