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Name of the file: Luxor Evolved Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Steam achievements:
Bonus Bit - Perfect on all 8 Bonus Levels
Boss Boss - Defeat all 8 Bosses
Boss Bully - Defeat a Boss without it attacking you
Bronze Medal - 25 shot streak
Champion - Beat the game on Normal
EGG! - Unlock a Secret Level
Elemental Master - Fully upgrade all Fire, Lightning, and Freeze Powerups
Eternal Champion - Beat the game on Hard
Fire Master - Fully Upgrade Fireball
Full Carton - Unlock all 9 Secret Levels
Full Power - Unlock all powerups/upgrades
Give Me 20 - Create 20 consecutive matches
Gold Medal - 75 shot streak
Ice Master - Fully Upgrade Freeze Ball
Ice Trick - Destroy two frozen segements with one shot
Infinite Eternal Champion - Beat the game on Elite
Lightning Master - Fully Upgrade Lightning Bolt
Lucky Shot - Defeat 1st Boss
Manic Matcher - Achieve 5 Consecutive Quick Matches
Marksman - Earn 100% Accuracy on a Level
Pharaoh's Apprentice - Survive Pharaoh's Challenge I
Pharaoh's Champion - Survive all 8 Pharaoh's Challenges
Reactor - Create a 7x Chain Reaction
Score! - Earn an 8x Multiplier
Showing Promise - Complete a level without losing a life
Silver Medal - 50 shot streak
The Aspect - Unlock The Aspect of Ra
The Force - Unlock The Force of Sekhmet
The Incarnation - Unlock The Incarnation of Horus
Tough Luck - Lose 1st Boss battle (Run out of lives)
Toxic Touch - Poison 21 balls in 3 consecutive shots
Trick Shot - Shatter a frozen segment & make a match with one shot
Zap! - Destroy 75 balls with one Laser shot

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