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Name of the file: Rocketbirds : Hardboiled Chicken Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Steam Achievements
Bazookin' - Kill 6 enemies with the bazooka
Big Blimpin' - Kill all penguins stationed on the big zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)
Bird Brained - Brainbug at least one penguin from each of the 7 penguin ranks, including Putzki
Brainbug Fever - Brainbug 30 enemies
Dirigibully - Kill all penguins stationed on the small zeppelin in Chapter 8 (Single Player)
Dirty Half-Dozen - Complete the Cooperative game mode
Disgruntled Worker - Find 3 Signs
Door Sentry - Kill 30 Penguins as they step out of a door
Excessive Stacking - Stack all 3 crates near the end of Chapter 11 (Single Player)
Fear the Spur - Kill Brno with the knife
Flight Instructor - Juggle an enemy for 10 seconds
For What Reason? - Launch the silo missile
Friendly Transit - Carry the other cooperative player for 500 meters in the same chapter without dying
Hardboiled Orca - Kill 300 penguins or clones
Hardboiled Seal - Kill 100 penguins or clones
High Treason - Brainbug the penguin above the star in Chapter 6 (Single Player)
Hindenburger - Kill all penguins stationed on the zeppelin in Chapter 3 (Single Player)
Hydrogen Run - Escape the large zeppelin with 40 seconds or more on the timer
Laser Assist - Kill an enemy by knocking him into a laser door
Mission Complete - Overthrow Putzki and liberate Albatropolis
One Shot One Kill - Kill 10 enemies, each with one gunshot
Own Medicine - Kill a helicopter penguin with his own missile
Own Pharmacy - Kill 6 helicopter penguins with their own missiles
Personal Space - Punch or kick 100 times
Rebellious Laborer - Find 20 Signs
Revolutionary Fighter - Find all 45 Signs
Too Many Too Soon - Kill 3 enemies with one grenade
Turncoat - Kill 20 enemies while brainbugging
Two Birds One Stone - Kill 2 enemies with one grenade

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