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Name of the file: Xotic Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Steam achievements:

Aerial Artistry - Successfully performed an Aerial Combo
Aerial Dominator - Completed a level without missing an Aerial Combo (Tutorial excluded)
Airborne Killer - Performed 5 consecutive Fly Kills
All Scabs Left Behind - Finished a combat level without destroying a single Scab Plant
Bomb Blaster - Killed 50 Skurge Bombers or Spiderlings
Brain Freeze - Found and destroyed a blue Crystal Orb Brain
Brain Surgery - Destroyed multiple Orb Brains with 1 shot of the Slayer weapon
Brainiac - Destroyed all Orb Brains in a level
Cirque du Exod - Successfully performed 10 Aerial Combos in one level
Completionist - Finished all levels of the game in all game modes
Contagion - Poisoned an enemy and had it infect another enemy
Death By Fire - Defeated a combat level using only the Scorch weapon
Deep Purple - Turned the Scab Combo Meter purple at least 10 times in a level
Defuser - Detonated 10 Landmines after triggering their activation sequence
Epic Champion - Earned a ranking of 5 stars on every level on the Hard difficulty level
Essence Hunter - Picked up all Orb Essence in a level that contains more than 50
Even More Perfect - Destroyed all Scab Plants in a level in a single chain with a point multiplier powerup active
Exod in Chains - Destroyed all Scab Plants in a level in a single chain
Fly Kill - Killed an enemy while in mid jump
Goal Obsessed - Achieve all 3 goals before killing any enemies (Tutorial excluded)
Goal Oriented - Completed all 3 goals with a point multiplier powerup active
Gravity Defying - Performed 3 consecutive Aerial Combos without touching the ground or a Hard Hologram in between
Green Thumb - Destroyed all Scab Plants in a level in a single chain on at least 15 different levels
Head Hunter - Found and destroyed robot heads in at least 5 different levels
Hologram Modder - Fully upgraded the Hard Hologram Emitter
Hologram Rider - Landed on top of a Hard Hologram after a triple jump
Insane in the Brain - Finished the XXX(WF) level in Brain Attack mode in under X minutes
Invincible - Completed a combat level in The Vanishing City without taking any damage
Liberator - Defeat the Orb and rid the planet of its presence!
Luck of the Exod - Killed 10 enemies with malfunctioning ammunition
Mega Speed Kill - Killed 6 enemies in less than 30 seconds
Multi Kill - Killed multiple enemies with 1 shot
No Time To Heal - Finished the XXX(PW) level in Scab Attack mode in under X minues
Scab Collector - Destroyed 5000 scab plants
Scab Destroyer - Destroyed 1000 scab plants
Sharp Shooter - Intercepted 10 enemy projectiles out of mid air
Sky is the Limit - Landed on 1000 Hard Holograms
Speed Kill - Killed 3 enemies in less than 10 seconds
Sweet Child o Brain - Destroyed an Orb Brain that spawned from a Mega Brain before it hits the ground
Terraform Master - Destroyed all Scab Plants in a level
Terraformer Level 1 - Achieved a chain of 25 Scab Plants
Terraformer Level 2 - Achieved a chain of 50 Scab Plants
Terraformer Level 3 - Achieved a chain of 100 Scab Plants
Time is of the Essence - Finished the XXX(TC) level in Essence Attack mode in under X minutes
Turret Foe - Killed 50 Turrets
Waste Not Want Not - Completed a combat level with 95% accuracy or better (Tutorial excluded)

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