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Name of the file: Tropico 4 Cheat Codes - Author: ANO

Hold the [Shift] key down and type in:

whiskey +20 to relations with the US
vodka +20 to relations with the USSR
nowhiskey -20 to relations with the US
novodka -20 to relations with the USSR
tornadilla Activates a Tornado Outbreak
drough Activates Drought Disaster
earthquake Activates Earthquake Disaster
fuego Activates Fire Disaster
hurricane Activates Hurricane Disaster
oilspill Activates Oil Spill Disaster
tornado Activates Tornado Disaster
tsunami Activates Tsunami Disaster
volcano Activates Volcano Eruption
muchopesos Adds 10,000 dollars to your spending money
speedygonzales Instant construction
elpollodiablo Instant win
dinggratz Maximizes all workers' experience and students graduate instantly
iamthestate No prerequisites for edicts
pachangasi Raises happiness values of all Tropicans by 10
twoheadedllama Raises tourism rating to 100
vivala3 Triggers a Bomb Threat
vivala2 Triggers a Hostage Crisis
generalpenultimo Triggers a Military Coup
vivala0 Triggers a Random Subversive Activity
cheguevara Triggers a Rebel Attack on a building
downwiththetyrant Triggers a Rebel Attack on the Palace
vivala4 Triggers a Worker Strike
vivala1 Triggers an Assassination Attempt
civilwar Triggers an Uprising
vivala5 Triggers Media Occupation
trabajono Unlock all missions

Steam Achievements
Building Blues Unlock 20 Blueprints in a single mission
Competent Have Character Trait at level 5
Coup de Grace Suppress a Military Coup
Curse of the Llama Survive 10 disasters
Dictatorship for Dummies Finish all tutorial missions
Domestic Agenda Complete 10 Faction tasks in a single mission
Elitist Construct 1337 buildings
Expert Have all Character Traits at level 5
Filthy Rich Make $100 000 for your Swiss Bank account in a mission
Foreign Agenda Complete 10 Foreign tasks in a single mission
Foreign Cuisine Import 2 000 food
God Complex Finish a Sandbox game in God mode
Head for High Ground Survive a Tsunami with no human casualties
Heavy Traffic Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages
Homes for Everyone Have population of over 300 and no Shacks
IMPORTant business Import 10 000 resources
Instant Construction Issue the Quick-build command on 10 constructions
Iron Fist Suppress an uprising
It's a Trap! Kill 5 rebels at once with a trap in your Mausoleum
Kill Juanito Issue an Execution order on a citizen called Juanito
Made In China Distribute more than 1 000 Luxury Goods from a Shopping mall
Metropolis Construct 200 buildings on one island
Militarist Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game
Modern Agriculture Have no dry fields at the end of a Drought
Mona Llama Earn more than $30 000 from selling Tropican art in a Museum of Modern Art
National Agenda Complete 20 agenda tasks in a single mission
Nuclear Future Have a Nuclear Power Plant and a Nuclear Program built on your island
Old Faithful Survive 3 Volcanic eruptions in a single mission
On Top of the World Fulfill presidente's dreams for tropico
Paradise Island Earn $1 000 000 from tourism profits in a single game
Past and Present Have both a Dungeon and a Colonial Museum in the same mission
Prepared For Everything Buy all upgrades for a Weather Station
Scapegoat Escape the wrath of your opponents
Smells Like Chemistry Buy all upgrades for a Chemical Plant
Special Taxes Gain $15 000 for your Swiss account from a Customs Office
Specialist Have 3 character traits at level 5
The Full Monty Have a full Ministry cabinet
The Golf Balls Solution Clean an Oil Spill in less than 4 months
The Mastermind Find out who the Mastermind behind your downfall is
The Power of the Atom Generate 1 000 MW of electricity in a Nuclear Power Plant
The Rumors of my Death... Have one of your clones die instead of you during an assassination attempt
Theme Park Have a Roller Coaster near a Ferris Wheel and an Aqua park
Top Exporter Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game
Tornado Valley Survive a Tornado Outbreak with no human casualties
Tropican Fiesta Finish a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%
Tropico VS The World Make Tropico the best country on the planet
War on Crime Arrest 10 Criminals in a single mission
Year Of the Dragon Put out 10 buildings on fire in a single mission
You are Fired! Fire a Minister because of his gaffe
Your Lucky Day Hire an unemployed citizen as a Minister

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