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Name of the file: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [iPhone] - Author: ANO

Unlock Gallery Movies

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding movie at the 'Gallery' menu.

Akantor Ecology:
Slay an Akantor.

Encounter an Akantor.

Alternate Intro:
Kill Nana Teskatory at the tower

Ancient (White) Fatalis Intro:
Encounter an Ancient Fatalis.

Blangonga (Dodobrango) Intro:
Encounter a Blangonga (Dodobrango).

Cephadrome Intro:
Encounter a Cephadrome.

Chameleos (Oonazuchi) Intro:
Encounter an Chameleos (Oonazuchi) at the Forest and Hills Area.

Congalala (Babakonga) Ecology:
Slay a Congalala (Babakonga).

Congalala (Babakonga) Intro:
Encounter a Congalala (Babakonga).

Crimson Fatalis Intro:
Encounter a Crimson Fatalis.

Daimyo Hermitaur (Zazami) Ecology:
Slay the Daimyo Hermitaur (Zazami) in the Desert Crab urgent quest.

Daimyo Hermitaur (Zazami) Intro:
Encounter a Daimyo Hermitaur (Zazami).

Desert Intro:
Complete a quest at the Desert area.

Diablos Ecology:
Slay a Diablos.

Diablos Intro:
Encounter a Diablos.

Fatalis Intro:
Encounter Fatalis.

Forest and Hills Intro:
Complete a quest at the Forest and Hills area.

Game Credits:
Kill Lunastra (Nana Teskatory) at the tower

Giadrome Intro:
Encounter a Giadrome.

Gravios Ecology:
Slay a Gravios.

Gravios Intro:
Encounter a Gravios.

Gypceros Intro:
Encounter a Gypceros.

Hypnocatrice (Hypnoc) Ecology:
Slay a Hypnocatrice (Hypnoc).

Hypnocatrice (Hypnoc) Intro:
Encounter Hypnocatrice (Hypnoc).

Khezu Ecology:
Slay a Khezu.

Khezu Intro:
Encounter a Khezu.

Kirin Intro:
Encounter a Kirin at the Mountain area.

Kushala Daora (Kusharudaora) Ecology:
Slay the Kushala Daora (Kusharudaora) at the Mountain area.

Kushala Daora (Kusharudaora) Intro 1:
Complete the Purple Dress Lady urgent quest.

Kushala Daora (Kusharudaora) Intro 2:
Encounter a Kushala Daora (Kusharudaora) in the mountains.

Lao Shan Lung Intro:
Do the Lao Shan Lung quest requested by the legendary blacksmith.

Lunastra (Nana Teskatory) Intro 1:
Do the Lunastra (Nana Teskatory) urgent quest.

Lunastra (Nana Teskatory) Intro 2:
Do the Lunastra (Nana Teskatory) quest at the tower.

Monoblos Intro:
Encounter a Monoblos.

Mountains Intro:
Complete a quest at the Mountain area.

Nargacuga (Narugakaruga) Ecology:
Slay a Nargacuga (Narugakaruga).

Nargacuga (Narugakaruga) Intro:
Encounter a Nargacuga (Narugakaruga).

Plesioth Ecology:
Slay a Plesioth.

Rajang (Rahjan) Intro:
Encounter a Rajang (Rahjan) in the Elder Dual Rajang (Rahjan) quest.

Rathalos Intro:
Encounter a Rathalos.

Rathian Ecology:
Slay a Rathian.

Rathian Intro:
Encounter a Rathian.

Shogun Ceanataur (Gizami) Intro:
Encounter a Shogun Ceanataur (Gizami).

Swamp Intro:
Complete a quest at the Swamp area.

Teostra (Teo Teskatoru) Intro:
Encounter a Teostra (Teo Teskatoru) at the Volcano Area.

Tigrex Ecology:
Slay a Tigrex.

Tower Intro:
Go to Area 1, then complete a quest at the Tower area.

Ukanlos (Ucamulbu) Intro:
Encounter an Ukanlos (Ucamulbu).

Velocidrome Intro:
Encounter a Velocidrome.

Volcano Intro:
Complete a quest at the Volcano area.

Volganos Ecology:
Slay a Volganos.

Volganos Intro:
Encounter a Volganos.

Yama Tsukami (Yamatukami) Ecology:
Slay Yama Tsukami (Yamatukami).

Yama Tsukami (Yamatukami) Intro:
Encounter a Yama Tsukami (Yamatukami).

Yian Garuga Intro:
Encounter a Garuga.

Yian Kut Ku Intro:
Encounter a Yian Kut Ku.

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