Level Zero: Extraction Cheat Codes

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Level Zero: Extraction Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Level Zero: Extraction Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Level Zero: Extraction Cheat Codes

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Level Zero: Extraction

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for Aliens:
If you have a chance to hit, get up, hit twice, crouch and run away.
You hit faster standing up. If possible, make sure that you sneak on
their back and they don’t notice you so you can actually do this, else,
while still crouched, attack just once. It dents at their health and
may make them waste resources.

Eggs in front of doors. They might work, but don’t be afraid of using
yourself as a bait. Your sweet alien cheeks definitely are more eye
catching than the unborn that lie in wait in their periphery.

Mercs tend to be together, but you can still do your best to focus on
one of the members, if you manage to take 1 of them down, spit poison
and ranged attacks to finish him off. When 3 mercs go down to 2, it’s
a much easier challenge, right? Well, imagine how punishing it’ll be
for duos to lose their partner.

Don’t attack front to front without enough Energy to EMP + a few seconds
of invisibility. After an EMP you can attack at least once or twice
before they bring up another lantern or flare, so after the 2 hits
remember to go invis and run, don’t get gunned down or you’ll be slowed
to death.

-=Misc. Tips=-
* Place eggs near light switches, a lot of mercs will run to the nearest
one when their flashlights/flares fail and they don’t have other
countermeasures ready, making for a nice and easy kill even on very
well prepared mercs.
* For Early Hunt. Dont eat eggs right at the start. After 2 min they will
give you more energy. Dont brute force. Use the surrounding to your
advantage. Like zombies, mines and turrets. Eggs grow over time. Use
electric wires to quick charge.
* If you wait 30 seconds before eating eggs then it will only take 2 of
them to give you the first ability, and since mercs underestimate you
heavily at the start, a few well placed eggs early on can lead to some
nice unexpected kills.
* Also, in areas with wandering turrets, the alien can stand in front of
them to stop their pathing and prevent them from moving away, effectively
pinning the mercs down until they can whittle away your full energy bar
with lights.
* Hitting a turret as alien will also cause it to temporarily shut down
and might throw off the timing of the mercs, be careful though, too many
hits and you might just break it yourself.
* If you’re attacking the zone A(can’t remember maybe it was zone b)extract
elevator, you should put eggs behind the counter, cause that’s where most
mercs will go to crouch down in when the turret patrols by, triggering the
egg forced them to stand up and may get the turret to severely injure or
even down them entirely.

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Updated: 2024.07.01

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