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Märchen Forest Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Märchen Forest Cheat Codes - Author: DAV - [PC]

Märchen Forest Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Mushroom Sprite Quiz Answers:
Written by Iris

* Mushrooms aren’t plants. What are they?

* True or False: Mushroom have two sexes, male and female.

* Which of the following mushroom could you eat in real life?
Lobster Mushroom

* About how many different species of mushroom are found in Japan alone?
About 5000

* In the story, Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, who sits atop a mushroom
smoking a hookah?
The Caterpillar

* Which of the following mushrooms glow?
Moonlight mushroom

* Which of the following mushroom are poisonous?
Fly Agaric

* What is the nickname given to Amanita Verosa, the elegant, lily-white mushroom
that contains a deadly poison?
Destroying angel

* What is another name for the mushroom sometimes called strawberries and cream or
devil’s tooth, known for it’s grotesque appearance?
Bleeding tooth

* Which of the following is the name of a real mushroom?
Scaly Knight

* Which mushroom will make you sick if you eat it while drinking alcohol?
Inky Cap mushroom

* The largest known specimen of honey mushroom, discovered in Oregon, America, is
approximately how large?
About 2400 acres

* Which is the most cultivated mushroom in the world?
Wood Ear mushroom

* You’re a fungi newbie, but you want to figure out if a mushroom is poisonous!
What do you do?
Hit the books—you can’t judge by looks alone.

* What should you keep in mind when storing mushrooms in the fridge?
Keep the caps upside down (I can’t find any sources confirming the validity of this claim)

* What is the name of the god said to have punished humanity with the crop-devouring fungal
disease, wheat rust?

* Here’s a freebie! Complete this sentence: Mushrooms are: (All options appear to be correct)
..gifts that keep on giving.

* Here’s a freebie! What is your favorite food?

* There’s an unexpected way of encouraging mushroom growth! What is it?
Shock them.

* In 2007 a giant white truffle was discovered in Italy and it’s auction price was all over
the news. How much did it sell for?
US $330 000

* Shiitake is a Japanese word. What is the “Shii” in shiitake derived form?
A species of Evergreen tree

* What does candy cap mushroom smell like?

* Which mycorrhizal fungus has been successfully artificially cultivated as of 2020?
Shimeji mushroom

* Which of the following is the name of a slightly creepy mushroom that grows on insects?
Caterpillar fungus (I believe this is more commonly known as Cordyceps)

* Which country produces the most mushrooms in the world?

* Why are mushrooms shaped the way they are?
To help spread spores far and wide

* Which mushroom is known to have been a favorite of Roman emperors?
Caesar’s mushroom

* What is the name of the process in which mushrooms are cultivated called?

* Why are female boars used to hunt for truffles?
They smell like male boars

* What do you call mushrooms that grow in a circular formation?
Fairy rings

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