Rock of Ages 2 : Bigger & Boulder Cheat Codes

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Rock of Ages 2 : Bigger & Boulder Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Rock of Ages 2 : Bigger & Boulder Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

General Tips & Tricks:
* Cows will unattach from boulders when hit or launched with enough force,
or after being rolled over 3 times.
* The Gunpowder boulder can do huge damage to castle doors, but only if it
makes it there intact. If it starts glowing intensely red, rolling over its
fuse again can cause it to explode.
* Ramming the castle door is one of the best sources of gold. The stronger the
blow, the more gold you get. You also receive 700 gold just for building a
boulder, which helps when you don’t manage to complete a run.
* Da Vinci tanks will attempt to dodge a boulder’s path, but they can only move
sideways. Check the horizontal guideline that appears when placing them to
ensure they’ll move along the path you want.
* The Angel boulder’s wings have a brief cooldown after double* jumping. When
the halo reappears, the ability is ready to use again.
* A boulder’s strength attribute indicates how much damage it can withstand
before being destroyed.
* The Bull of Heaven’s shockwave attack doesn’t affect airborne boulders.
* The Sand boulder absorbs a significant amount of knockback caused by
* Defenses that include a variety of units are generally more effective.
Experiment to discover which combinations work best.
* Equipping multiple boulders for a War match grants different offensive
options, but each one takes up two slots that could be used for more
defensive unit variety. Find the right balance that works for you!
* The Elephant’s tower can be destroyed without knocking down the animal.
* Whales must rest briefly after spitting out a boulder. Use this moment
of vulnerability to take them out.
* Story mode’s difficulty can be changed at any time via the pop* up menu
that appears when approaching a map in the overworld.
* The Cruciger boulder’s cross will hinder your speed at first, but it will
break off once rolled over enough times.
* Strike an explosive barrel with a Thunder Bolt to trigger a larger,
more powerful explosion.
* Mines have finite resources. When the gold runs out, the mine will collapse.
* Balloon and Cow boulders can float. This can come in handy in certain levels.
* Banks are useless if not next to a mine. If one isn’t nearby, the Bank will
destroy itself after placement.
* Explosives can detonate each other as a chain reaction when placed close enough.
* Defensive units become less effective when overused. Boulders gain temporary
resistance to repeated hits of the same projectile, so avoid this by mixing
up your units.
* Boulders become less effective after losing mass from damage.
* Additional boulders, maps, defensive units, and banners can all be unlocked
simply by playing online matches.
* The Paint boulder deteriorates more quickly over free grid squares. Unless
your goal is to invalidate those squares, try staying airborne over them.
* The Ballista’s field of vision is only 180 degrees–it cannot target boulders
behind it.
* Placed units can be sold for their full price, freeing up gold for new units.
Highlight a unit to make the option available.
* Ramming units like Bulls and Elephants are less effective against boulders
moving at high speed, resulting in little to no knockback.
* Units will become slightly more expensive as you build more of the same kind.
The cost can only climb to a fixed amount.
* Thunder Bolts are always available to hinder enemy progress, even when out
of gold.
* The Gunpowder boulder can be detonated intentionally by resting on its fuse.
Blowing up a cluster of enemy defenses this way can sometimes be more effective
than rolling it to the castle gate.
* Bulls must return to their original location before they can charge again.
* Catapults and Cannons can aim within a 360 degree radius, but they take
time to rotate before firing. Make sure to orient them in the optimal
direction for quicker attacks.
* The Tar and Paint boulders make grid squares unusable after leaving splats
on them. This can be an effective strategy against opponents that try to
focus their units in a specific location.
* When a War match begins, your side of the battlefield will pulsate with
your team color. The opposing battlefield will remain tinted with the enemy’s
color to distinguish it from your own.
* Don’t disregard the standard boulders. These are the most well* rounded rocks
to choose from.
* Trebuchets are excellent at long ranges, but they cannot target boulders that
are too close.
* The Block of Ages boulder is only for the Rock of Ages veteran.
* Cannons can’t target boulders that are immediately in front of them.
* Phoenix Trees can be placed on used grid squares to heal them and surrounding
squares, but not when an active unit is still present.
* While in strategy view you can bring up camera shortcuts that will point you
in the direction of landmarks like castles, boulders, and mines. Selecting a
shortcut will instantly move your view to that landmark.
* The Balloon and Cow boulders are excellent choices for maps with hard* to*
reach shortcuts.
* Selecting a Bank for placement will highlight all mines on the map, allowing
you to locate them more easily.
* Your first boulder in a match will always take longer to build. Make the most
of this time to set up ample defenses across the battlefield before your
opponent has a chance to start rolling.
* The Prehistoric Wheel and Block of Ages cannot be grabbed by cows or the lion
anchor from the Balloon unit.
* Windmills can push a boulder off course when placed perpendicular to their path.
Utilizing them this way allows you to hide them behind other structures.
* The Balloon unit acts as a great complement to projectile* firing units, slowing
boulders down for easy targeting.
* The Globe boulder’s orbiting moon is effective at clearing out surrounding
enemy units.
* Camera shortcuts for mines only appear when the Bank is selected.
* Banks are the most efficient way to earn gold. This makes them essential for
War matches, generating more funds to help you build a better defense.
* The Prehistoric Wheel is the fastest boulder, but it’s also much more difficult
to maneuver. Avoid turning sharply with it to prevent tilting over.
* New walls can be connected to existing Towers by selecting one and dragging
away or by placing a new Tower and dragging to a previously built one. All
Towers serve as nodes from which you can build and connect new wall extensions.
* The Battleship’s whistle warns you of an imminent shot, while a target will
appear to indicate where it will hit.
* Springboards are difficult to see when placed in tall grass. Use this to your
advantage where possible.
* Different boulders have different attributes, and some are more useful on certain
maps. Choose wisely!
* The Da Vinci tank’s cannons fire and reload independently of each other.
* Castle doors can withstand more damage when playing teams. The castle’s health
bar will appear orange to indicate this added resistance.
* In teamplay, all strategies are valid. Players can alternate between defending
and attacking, go full offense, or prioritize a strong defense.
* Whales can only withstand so much force. Hit one at full speed to knock it
down, even when it’s trying to suck you in.
* Fireworks do less damage than Explosives when rolled into, but they can attack
in other situations too.
* Some boulders take longer to build. Look for the hourglass icon when choosing
which to bring into a match.
* Heavier boulders have the benefit of reducing knockback from units like the
Bull or Springboard.

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