Warlock 2 : The Exiled Cheat Codes

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Warlock 2 : The Exiled Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Warlock 2 : The Exiled Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Warlock 2: The Exiled

Cheat Codes:

Play this game once they get to know the basic or simple, and play just one week, casual, inappropriate forgive me.

1.The city as much as possible out of a resource, efficient use of two.
2.critical moment hesitate demolished buildings made another.
3.built city radius 2 grid resources considering the number.
4.Magic have nothing to what the terrain changed to ensure that 20% Bonus.
5.souls really do not have food, even if there are non-undead units
6.Egg plus 40 resources is to force Oh, but only a portion of the red dragon
race, so nothing to look at the tech tree to understand the resource requirements
of race.
7.Soul regarded as the most powerful magic, monsters and basically had no resistance.
8.magic to create the appearance of a powerful artifact is a hero turning point,
attention plus flight attribute.
9.leads the monster lair, took the opportunity to steal can go without Sike.
10.the gods only consider 2-3, had to be adjacent to.
11.when fighting other mages and only need to be able to attack the main city of
the victory of the.
12.Big Map is the main city of the restrictions off of it, or else the city 15
Shop no more than on.
13.late ordinary heroes do not hesitate to quit.

Various Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

Adventurer - Loot 10 monster dens.
Almost Heaven - Enter a tropical world.
Architect - Found 10 cities.
Archon - Win the game by capturing all holy grounds.
Ashes to Ashes - Defeat King Lich the VI.
Assault! - Capture a city.
Beast of Legends - Hire a legendary hero - Terrible Monster.
Blank Rune - Defeat the First Rune Witch.
Broken Stone - Defeat Es Kaliborn, the King of the Svarts.
Captain Flint - Accumulate 1000 gold in your treasury.
Chilling Out - Enter an ice world.
Conqueror - Capture 10 cities.
Croesus - Accumulate 10000 gold in your treasury.
Dark Memories - Enter a Dremer world.
Disinfestation - Defeat King Rrat the L.
Duke of Demons - Hire a legendary hero - Barfor.
Eden is Lost - Defeat Nefertari.
Eternal Love - Hire a legendary hero - King Skeleton.
Fieldmarshal - Destroy 100 enemy units.
Firekiller - Defeat Dragon Queen.
Fly of a Dragon - Build a Gold Dragons Nest.
General - Destroy 10 enemy units.
Generalissimo - Destroy 1000 enemy units.
His Majesty Spirit - Hire a legendary hero - Spirit of Kings.
I Am Sorry, Your Highness! - Defeat Mallacir, Countess of Karnstein.
It is time to relax! - Win the game on Relaxing difficulty.
Just a Tyrant - Win the game by defeating all other Great Mages.
Killer of Gods - Win the game by defeating an avatar.
Legendary Looter - Loot 1000 monster dens.
Liberator of Ardania - Win the game by defeating the United One.
Lost in the Jungles - Defeat Tlalocian.
Merlin - Accumulate 100000 mana in your mana pool.
Mind Over Body - Defeat Krel the Kingpin.
Mission "Appollo" - Enter a shadow world.
Mom? Is it you? - Hire a legendary hero - Elder Witch.
No Mercy - Defeat Anna the Benign.
Nothing is Impossible - Win the game on Impossible difficulty.
Of a Noble Family - Hire a legendary hero - Sart de Torvega.
Off with You Hat! - Defeat Miralbus the Hat.
Overexposure - Enter an elemental world.
Poker Face - Defeat Rjakh.
Priest of Agrela - Build a temple to Agrela.
Priest of Dauros - Build a temple to Dauros.
Priest of Fervus - Build a temple to Fervus.
Priest of Grum-Gog - Build a temple to Grum-Gog.
Priest of Helia - Build a temple to Helia.
Priest of Krolm - Build a temple to Krolm.
Priest of Krypta - Build a temple to Krypta.
Priest of Lunord - Build a temple to Lunord.
Rincewind - Accumulate 10000 mana in your mana pool.
Scrooge - Accumulate 100000 gold in your treasury.
Sea of Sand - Enter a desert world.
Settler - Found a city.
Siege Master - Capture 100 cities.
Solid Victory - Win the game on Normal difficulty.
The Apprentice Will Fall - Defeat Xara.
The United One - Win the game by casting the spell of Unity.
Too Much Light - Defeat Amberon the Light.
Too Old to Fly - Defeat Tal Kalessil.
Treasure Hunter - Loot 100 monster dens.
Turtle Races - Build a Breeding Grounds.
Up to the challenge! - Win the game on Challenging difficulty.
Urbanist - Found 100 cities.
Vale of Death - Enter a dead world.
Victory is a casual thing... - Win the game on Casual difficulty.
Welcome to Hell - Enter a lava world.
Who Keeps the Keeper? - Hire a legendary hero - Lord Keeper.
Wizard of Oz - Accumulate 1000 mana in your mana pool.

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