Unreal Tournament : Game of The Year Cheat Codes

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Unreal Tournament : Game of The Year Cheat Codes
Name of the file: Unreal Tournament : Game of The Year Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

With bigger weapons, such as the rocket launcher or flak cannon, aim at the feet to get a better shot.

Cheat Codes
Note: The following codes may only be enabled in single player mode. Press ~ to display the console, then enter iamtheone to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the console to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code
Add indicated number of bots addbots [number]
Advance to indicated map open [map name]
All weapons loaded
Breath underwater amphibious
Broadcast message to others say [message]
Change game speed (default is 1.0) slomo [1.0-10.0]
Change zoom; default is 90, sniper zoom is about 22 fov
Disable flight and no clipping walk
First person view behindview 0
Flight mode fly
Full ammunition allammo
God mode god
Kill all indicated enemy type killall [opponent name]
Kill all opponents killpawns
No clipping mode ghost
Play a previously recorded demo playdemo [filename]
Record demo demorec [filename]
Spawn indicated item summon [item name]
Spawn indicated opponent summon [opponent name]
Stop time playersonly
Third person view behindview 1
Toggle invisibility invisible [0 or 1]

Note: To use cheats on a local area network, you must first click on "Create A Multiplayer Game". Select the "Server" tab. In "Admin Password" type anything (for example, 1234). In the game, press [Tab] and type adminlogin [your admin password] (in this example, 1234). You can now use codes while playing against humans. While most codes work, the following will not: playersonly, killall and other kill cheats. if you are not the server (the player that created the game), the following codes also will not work: loaded and allammo. On some computers it works, on others it will not.
Deathmatch champion

In any deathmatch level, once the game starts and you can fly around to view the level, enable the god code. Exit cheat mode and press the fire button to start the match. Once the match is started, enable the summon warheadlauncher, allammo, and fly codes. Exit cheat mode. If the Redeemer is not already out, press 0 and enjoy. You will not get hurt if you get shot by someone, or if you go in the explosion from your Redeemer. Note: this will work in CTF, Domination, and Assault. Note: If you enable the fly code before you press the fire button to start the match, you will not be allowed to do so.

Easy kills
Enable the playersonly code. With the Redeemer out, spin around on a spot while firing. Do this near your enemies. Stand back and watch the ball of nuclear energy take out everyone nearby. Note: Enabling the god code is also recommended.

Escape from lava or falls
If you have the god code enabled and you fall into lava or off a cliff, you do not have to disable the code and die. Instead, enable the fly code and fly back up to land. Then, turn it off by enabling the walk code.

Fun with flight
Wait until you die and enable the fly code to come back on the battlefield. Then, enable the walk code to walk normally. Nobody will be able to see you. Note: To come back as a warrior, you must be killed or commit suicide again; however it will not count as another kill or suicide. Also, when a match is finished with a view of your player, enable the fly code and watch him swim around the battlefield. You can still shoot, but it does not seem to do anything.

Interesting killing methods
All of the following use the playersonly code in order to freeze the game. Since you cannot change weapons while the code is enabled you have to pre-select it. Most of these tricks also have a certain amount of "backlash" so the god code is also recommended. Some of these tricks require a lot of ammunition, so the allammo code should also be used. Once you are finished setting up the kill, move the console out of the way so you can see what happens then deactivate the playersonly code.

Rocket Launcher: When you use either primary or secondary fire, the gun will automatically load up six missiles and fire them. However, the rockets will stay where you fired them, resulting in them staying grouped. This allows you to run up to an opponent and surround them with groups of missiles.
Ripper: Hold [Fire] and run around randomly in an opponent's general area until he/she/it is surrounded by as many Razors as desired (usually about 50-60). Re-enter the code and clear the area as the Razors ricochet about and cut your opponent to ribbons.

Ripper: As above, only more tidy and less random. Face the direction your opponent is running. Aim the Ripper at the target's feet and hold [Primary Fire]. Begin to move the mouse very slowly up in a straight line, creating a "stacking" effect.

Redeemer: Enable the allammo code to get 999 missiles. Freeze time, then enable the fly code. Start flying around the level with [Primary Fire] held before reactivating time stop and consider the scale of the virtual pain your about to cause. Then start time and watch the fireworks. Note: Inspect a missile to find something interesting written on it. If you use this trick on a relatively large scale the game will slow down a lot, even on the fastest computers.
Sniper Rifle: Find someone to shoot, line up a head shot and fire. The target's head will become suspended in mid-air with a cloud of blood underneath and the body will fall to the ground. Note: Try to avoid zooming in as the game will occasionally freeze in the zoomed mode until you deactivate the code.

Get killed or blow yourself up. When you see the stats, enable the loaded, allammo, and walk codes. You will be totally invisible, with no lines or anything else. However, you cannot pick anything up.

Michael Monster
In deathmatch, when you enter a match and you get the "Press Fire to Start" message, fly around the level and look for a place that only you can get to, and only with the god or fly code enabled. When the match starts, enable the god or fly code, return to the spot you chose, and enable the summon warheadlauncher code. Leave the Redeemer. If the level already has one, place another in your chosen location anyway, as sooner or later the CPU players are bound to grab the Redeemer provided by the level. Then, disable the god or fly code and start shooting. If you start losing badly, or someone else is closer to winning than you are, grab your hidden Redeemer (and, if desired, enable the allammo code) and fire away.

Redeemer message
Get a Redeemer(warhead launcher) then fire a missile with the Left Mouse Button. Quickly enable the playersonly code and move to the missile. You can see the message "Adios" on the missile. Note: You may need to enable the 32 bit Revolution option to see this.

Shock Rifle
Right click, then left click to cause a rather big explosion that can do some
good damage.

Smiley face on bomb
Enable the loaded code to get all of the weapons. Then, enable the playersonly code to stop time. Next, select the flak cannon. Walk up to an enemy and press the Right Mouse Button to use the bomb-like shot. Look very closely at the bomb as it hovers in midair. You will be able to make out a small smiley face icon inside the shot.

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