18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Cheat Codes

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18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Cheat Codes
Name of the file: 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

NOTE: You are only permitted to use this release of cheat codes upon:
1. The TNT elite game rip
2. A full ISO game by non-banned non-thief groups
3. A store-bought silver of the game
*That is all.
*Give praise to TNT for putting out the only existing 0day scene release!

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):

cheat company Game companies. Shows a list of game companies.

cheat company <#> Game branches. Shows a list of the branch offices for
the company specified.

# must be an integer value between 0 and 23.
Example: cheat company 23

cheat company <#> <#> Teleports you (and your vehicle) to company #, branch #.

First # must be an integer value between 0 and 23.
Example: cheat company 23

Second # must be a valid branch number. So it is a
good idea to use the previous cheat to check which
branches exist.

Note: the game always seems to leave you with a camera
setting of underneath the vehicle. Try hitting '1' or
'2' (defaults) to change the camera after using this.

cheat driver Driver was hired. Adds 1 random driver to your
company. Check:
Notebook (default 'N') -> Manage Drivers

cheat rating Game companies. Shows a list of game companies.

cheat rating <#> Company rating increased.
# must be an integer value between 0 and 23.
Example: cheat rating 23

This will increases your reputation with the specified
company. It will make more contracts available with
that company. Check:
Notebook (default 'N') -> Manage Contracts

cheat test_cargo
(Displays some messages about testing Models/Cargo)

cheat money Increase money by $500,000

edit Launch a Map/World Editor

warp Warp speed Mr Sulu!
Increase or Decrease the game speed.
The default value is 1.0. Higher numbers mean faster
speed, while lower numbers mean lower speed. Makes
sense huh? The command accepts floating point values.
warp 0.2
(one-fifth of normal speed - very slow)
warp 10
(aye captain, i canna hold err together much longer,
she's breakin up!!!)

exit Return to the Main Menu

quit Terminate the Game

sys_info Display Operating System information

With a blank line in the console, hit the TAB key on
your keyboard to display all available console
commands. Maybe you can find good uses of the other
commands and settings.

ţ Installation ţ

1. First we must enable both the Game Console and Developer Mode.
Only one method have you, young skywalker.

This method requires you to either know the location of or to be able to
find your "My Documents" directory.

a) Windows 9x kernel (98/ME):
"My Documents" is usually in "C:\"
b) Windows NT kernel (NT/2K/XP):
"My Documents" is usually in "C:\Documents and Settings\\"

If you have trouble, run the game once and quit it. Then, search your
drives for the following to find the correct location for extraction:

Edit your existing game config file:
"xxx\\My Documents\\18 WoS American Long Haul\\config.cfg"

It is a text file, so learn how to use Windows and/or text editors if you
are a complete newbie (or a dumb thief or a p2p idiot).

Change the following 2 lines, from:

uset g_console "0"
uset g_developer "0"


uset g_console "1"
uset g_developer "1"

* Save the file and close your crappy text editor.

2. Start the game.

3. Open the game Console:
Hit the key " ` " or " ~ " also known as Tilde.

A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

4. Enter your codes.

Note: You may type PART of a command (such as the first few letters) and
then hit the TAB key to fill in the best matching command (ala
4DOS/4NT woot woot). You may hit the UpArrow and DownArrow keys to
cycle through previously entered codes. Finally, the PageUp/PageDown
keys browse through the log of the console commands.

5. Hit " ` " or " ~ " to leave the console.

6. Enjoy...before another one is released by some other group that steals
non-english cracks to use on iso games, steals other groups' iso games to
making so-called 'propers' that are tagged by the other groups, and steals
unlockers/cheats from the web & from previous groups' releases.

^ shameless copy/paste from our old release from 2006:

- silly thiefs! (won't they ever learn?)

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Updated: 2011.01.09

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