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Giga Wrecker Alt. - Nintendo Switch

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Giga Wrecker Alt. - Nintendo Switch

Name of the file: Giga Wrecker Alt. - Nintendo Switch - Author: ANO - [NINTENDO]

Alternate Ending

Giga Wrecker Alt contains several new rooms that weren't present in the original game. Among these are rooms labeled as "Depths". Each of the game's five major areas has two "Depths" rooms (either "Eastern Depths" and "Western Depths" or "Northern Depths" and "Southern Depths"). Each "Depth" room contains two or three information signs that provide additional Lore for the game (there are five signs per area, for a total of 25). To unlock the Alternate Ending, you need to read all 25 of these signs. If done correctly, when you reach the end of the "Eastern Depths" room of the final area, there will be an item on the ground that you can examine. Do so, then defeat the final boss to get the Alternate Ending. Keep in mind when doing this that if you read a sign then die before leaving the room, the game won't save you having read the sign, so you need to make sure to leave the room after reading a sign for it to count.

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