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Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Nintendo Switch
Name of the file: Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Nintendo Switch - Author: ANO - [NINTENDO]

New Game+ mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode. This mode allows you to retain your Saint Statue Renown upgrade levels. You earn more Renown for completing missions. Use Renown to upgrade Professor level, Skill levels for any of your students, combat arts, and classes quickly. Switch character appearances between the pre-time skip and post-time skip model/portrait. Unlock new crest powers with Renown. New crests will be unlocked based on your choices from the first playthrough. Playing and making new decisions will unlock further crest powers on additional New Game+ playthroughs.

Secret powerful spell and bonus songs
Successfully complete the story, then start a New Game+. Travel to the Amiibo Scanner (large green orb) in the Monastery. Interact with it and scan an amiibo to unlock rewards. Scan any Fire Emblem related amiibo to unlock a secret chamber where you can find Sothis and a map. Talk to Sothis to unlock a spell for Byleth that gives them a +7 Resistance buff. The spell can be used once per battle. Any of the following Fire Emblem amiibo work: Marth, Ike, Alm, Tiki, Celica, Robin, Lucina, Roy, Corrin (Male), Corrin (Female), and Chrom. Each of the Fire Emblem amiibo also unlock a classic battle theme from previous games.

All classes
Successfully complete the indicated task(s) to unlock the corresponding class. There are three basic requirements for each class —- must be a certain level, have a certain type of seal, and certain skills available to help your characters pass the certification exams.
Starter Classes
Commoner: No requirements. Starting class.
Dancer: Send a character to the White Heron Cup and win the event to immediately unlock it. The White Heron Cup event unlocks on the first day of the third week, on Chapter 9. To unlock the event participation, explore the first week and talk to Rhea to get a quest. Only students can participate. After accepting Rhea's quest, talk to any student before or during the second week of the month. You can select to make them your representative -— you need to select a rep before the third week begins. To win the cup, have a high Charm stat. To increase your Charm, talk and choose to train your representative. This will begin a Dance Practice session —- you will get +5 Charm each time you do this. You can only do this once per week. Training is important, as it is recommended to have approximately a 13 Charm stat to win. If you talk to Manuella, she will tell you the secret of the White Heron Cup. It is still possible to win with a lower Charm stat. To increase Charm even higher, cook a meal that gives everyone in your class +1 Charm. On the day of the White Heron Cup, each class representative will dance. Three judges will select their favorites. As long as two judges select your representative, you will win. The Dancer class is a specialized class, and you can switch to it when you select to re-class your unit.
Noble: No requirements. Starting class.
Beginner Classes (Level 5+ Required)
Fighter: Axe (D), Bow (D), Brawl (D)
Monk: Reason (D), Faith (D)
Myrmidon: Sword (D)
Soldier: Lance (D)
Intermediate Classes (Level 10+ and Intermediate Seal Required)
Archer: Bow (C)
Armored Knight: Axe (C)
Brawler: Brawl (C) / Male Only
Brigand: Axe (C)
Cavalier: Lance (C)
Dark Mage: Reason (C) / Male Only
Lord: Sword (D), Authority (C) / Edelgard, Dmitri or Claude Only
Mage: Reason (C)
Mercenary: Sword (C)
Pegasus Knight: Lance (C), Flying (D) / Female Only
Priest: Faith (C)
Thief: Sword (C)
Advanced Classes (Level 20+ Required)
Armored Lord: Edelgard Only
Assassin: Sword (B), Bow (C)
Bishop: Faith (A)
Dark Bishop: Reason (A) / Male Only / Dark Mage Certification Required
Fortress Knight: Axe (A), Heavy Armor (B)
Grappler: Brawl (A) / Male Only
Hero: Sword (B), Axe (C) / Male Only
High Lord: Dmitri Only
Paladin: Lance (B), Riding (B)
Sniper: Bow (A)
Swordmaster: Sword (A)
Warlock: Reason (A)
Warrior: Axe (A)
Wyvern Rider: Axe (B), Flying (C)
Wyvern Master: Claude only
Master Classes (Level 30+ and Master Seal Required)
Archbishop: Rhea Only
Barbossa: Claude Only
Bow Knight: Lance (C), Bow (A), Riding (A)
Dark Knight: Lance (C), Reason (B+), Riding (A)
Enlightened One: Byleth Only
Emperor: Edelgard Only
Falcon Knight: Sword (C), Lance (A), Flying (B+) / Female Only
Great Knight: Axe (B+), Heavy Armor (A), Riding (B+)
Great Lord: Dmitri Only
Gremory: Reason (A), Faith (A) / Female Only
Holy Knight: Lance (C), Faith (B+)
Mortal Savant: Sword (A), Reason (B+)
War Master: Axe (A), Brawl (A) / Male Only
Wyvern Lord: Lance (C), Axe (A), Flying (A)

Recruiting all characters
To recruit students, talk to them in the Monastery and choose the "Recruit" selection. If your skills are high enough in their chosen interests, they may join you. Additional characters are recruited through other means. Neutral characters can be recruited by all three houses, and depending on the character you select or your house storyline, there may be additional recruitment information.
Neutral – All Houses
Alois: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches a certain level.
Catherine: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches Level 13.
Cyril: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches Level 12.
Flayn: Automatically joins after a specific story mission is complete.
Gilbert: Automatically joins in the Blue Lions storyline.
Hanneman: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches a certain level.
Manuela: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches a certain level.
Rhea: Unknown.
Seteth: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches a certain level.
Shamir: Automatically joins when Byleth reaches a certain level.
Black Eagle House
Bernadetta: Interested in Bow and Strength.
Caspar: Interested in Brawl and Strength.
Dorothea: Interested in Authority and Charm.
Ferdinand: Interested in Heavy Armor.
Linhardt: Interested in Reason and Magic. After the event, he can be defeated in a battle and recruited.
Petra: Interested in Riding and Dexterity.
Blue Lion House
Annette: Interested in Faith and Magic.
Ashe: Interested in Lance and Charm.
Felix: Interested in Speed.
Ingrid: Interested in Flying and Dexterity.
Mercedes: Interested in Bow and Magic.
Sylvain: Interested in Reason and Charm. He will automatically join Female Byleth.
Golden Deer House
Hilda: Interested in Axe and Charm.
Ignatz: Unknown.
Leonie: Interested in Lance and Strength.
Lorenz: Interested in Reason and Charm.
Lysithea: Interested in Faith and Magic.
Marianne: Interested in Riding and Magic.
Raphael: Interested in Heavy Armor and Strength.

Recruit any student
It is possible to recruit any student with at least B-Support status. It may take several tries, but you can save the game and try again if it fails. To increase a student's support status, even if they are not on your team, there are a few things you can do. Buy them flowers on their birthday, gift them flowers from the garden, take them on battles by requesting their help, or invite them to meals. The best and easiest way is to simply give the student you want to recruit lots of flowers. It requires approximately 30 flowers to reach B-Support. It does not matter how low your stats are —- students with B-Support can be recruited. You can have "E" level skills in everything and still get any students on your team. When a student is at B-Support or higher, they will randomly ask to join you. It will not happen every weekend -- so reload your save file and retry weekends until the student finally offers to join. It is possible to recruit multiple students per month using this method, but do not expect to recruit more than one a week.

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