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Hoplit [iPhone] - IPHONE

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Hoplit [iPhone] - IPHONE
Name of the file: Hoplit [iPhone] - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Achievements and Unlockable Prayers:
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Achievement will become unlocked. Some of these Achievements will also unlock new prayers which will become available at shrines.

Aspis Master:
Explode 10 demon demolitionists by bashing bombs toward them. Unlocks: Herculean Bash

Eturn the Fleece without praying. Unlocks: Greater Sweeping Bash

Combo Bash:
Knock a demon into the magma by bashing another demon or bomb into it. Unlocks: Reaction

Incinerate 10 demons by bashing them into the magma. Unlocks: Rapid Bash

Crush Saga:
Crush 10 demons by bashing them into solid surfaces. Unlocks: Greater Bloodlust

Demon Partisan:
Return the Fleece without killing any wizards or demolitionists. Unlocks: Wizard Beam

Dory Master:
Lunge 10 demon archers by leaping directly towards them. Unlocks: Superior Throw

Return the Fleece without taking damage. Unlocks: Shielding Bash II

Reach depth 10. Unlocks: Recall

Multi Kill:
Lunge a demon while stabbing two others in a single move. Unlocks: Agility

Optimal Restoration:
Pray for restoration with one heart and zero energy remaining. Unlocks: Shielding Bash

After picking up the Fleece, reach depth 20 without killing another demon

Kill at least one demon per turn for seven consecutive turns. Unlocks: Follow

Speed Run:
Return the Fleece in 150 turns or less. Unlocks: Swift Leap

Return the Fleece three games in a row. Unlocks: Sword Lunge

The Depths:
Take the Fleece to depth 27 before returning. Unlocks: Leap Strike

Return the Fleece. Unlocks: Plant Spear

Xiphos Master:
Stab 10 demon footmen by leaping over them. Unlocks: Superior Energy

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