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>> Download - City Life : Edition 2008 - Cheat Codes <<

Select your platform and your letter

Download - City Life : Edition 2008 - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: City Life : Edition 2008 - Cheat Codes - Author: TNT - [PC]

NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes (case insensitive):

Number6 Unlock all buildings

Midas Add $100,000,000 money

Richgirl Add $100,000 money

Concordia <unknown effect>
(maybe it ends a war or fighting or rioting?)

* And here are some debug/engine settings incase you can find some use for them:

help (0,1) ecrit la liste des instructions dans un
fichier : mcInstruction [File]
Writes a list of all console commands to
".\BIN\intruction.txt" or the file specified,
which is how TNT found all these commands (for
those curious minds out there).
Example: help mylist.txt

mcaddzipfile (1,1) Add zip file into the path of the data for
mcLib : mcAddZipFile <File>.zip

mcdatalibpath (1,1) Add the path of the data for
mcLib : mcDataLibPath <Path>

mcinclude (1,ǃ) Decode each file given by argument

mcprint (1,ǃ) Display the parameters as a trace

mcsetlanguage (1,1) Choose the language given by parameter

mgalloc (1,1) mgAlloc Boolean

mgbkcolor (1,1) mgBkColor Red,Green,Blue

mgdebugdraw (1,1) Turn on/off immediate mode (mgDebugDraw Boolean)

mgfps (1,1) (same as mgFrameRate) : mgFPS Boolean
Example: mgfps 1

mgfr (1,1) (same as mgFrameRate) : mgFR Boolean

mgframerate (1,1) mgFrameRate Boolean

mgfullscreen (1,2) mgFullScreen Boolean,novsync

mgfullscreensize (1,1) mgFullScreenSize Width,Height

mgmemory (1,1) mgMemory Boolean

mgnodes (1,1) mgNodes Boolean

mgset3d (1,1) mgSet3D AdapterNumber,DeviceType,

mgstats (1,1) mgStats Boolean

mgwindow (1,1) mgWindow X,Y,Width,Height

mgwindowname (1,1) mcWindowName Name_without_space

mikeyload (1,1) miKeyLoad Filename

■ Installation ■

1. Start the game.

2. Get a map loaded (either Scenario or Freeplay, because the console will not
open within the menu system).

3. Open the game Console:
Hold down both Ctrl & Alt, and then hit " C ".
Meaning? Ctrl-Alt-C

A CONSOLE box should open with a cursor.

4. Enter your codes.

NOTE: If the text does NOT disappear after you hit the ENTER KEY, then the
command was NOT accepted (meaning it is not a valid cheat code). If
that happens, the text will stay on the screen and you may use your
Arrow Keys or Backspace or Delete to fix the incorrect text that you
typed. Be aware that most of the "debug" codes require 1 or more
parameters, such as "mgfps 1".

5. The only way to close the console that we found is the key combo:


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