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>> Download - Spaceforce : Rogue Universe - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Spaceforce : Rogue Universe - Cheat Codes - Pc

Name of the file: Spaceforce : Rogue Universe - Cheat Codes - Author: TNT - [PC]

Cheat Codes (case sensitive):

Help Display most (but not all) console commands

Quit quit game

Exit quit game

Clear clear console

WinAmp <string> Control WinAmp music player
<string> = one of the following commands:
Play / Stop / Pause / Previous / Next
Example: WinAmp Stop

RestoreProfile Reload current profile

StoreProfile Save current profile

Benchmark load benchmark map and start test

LoadMap <string> Load a game map
<string> = map name
Example: LoadMap SolarA

lm <string> LoadMap
Shortcut to run the LoadMap command
Example: lm SolarA

MapList Display list of all available game maps

SlowMotionFactor <#> Alter game speed
<#> = percentage of slow down (or speed up)
Example: SlowMotionFactor 50
^Run game at 1ǘ speed
Example: SlowMotionFactor 200
^Run game at 2X speed

Stats Toggle ON/OFF showing of rendering statistics

ShowLastLine Show last line of console in game

Spectator Toggle ON/OFF human player becomes spectator

TargetLines Toggle ON/OFF render bot targeting lines
(seems to be path each ship is traveling on or to)

PlayerInfo Toggle ON/OFF showing of players info

RocketChase Toggle ON/OFF camera will follow last rocket

RocketFiesta you get 50 rockets (soft missiles)

AIEnable <1ǖ> Enable/Disable computer ships' Artificial Intelligence
(Stop all computer controlled ships from moving and
from attacking)
Enabled = AIEnable 1
Disabled = AIEnable 0

GetCloakingDevice Get a cloaking Device for your ship
(check technology section of your Inventory)

GetTimeDevice Get a time Device for your ship
(check technology section of your Inventory)

God Toggle ON/OFF God Mode (your hull is strong)
Means you take no damage from hits (neither shield nor
hull damage)

BillGates 100,000 more credits added to your bank account!

ShowToneSteps Toggle ON/OFF showing of tone mapping steps
(Game must be started in HDR mode first!)

RecordDemo <string> Record demo of gameplay...
<string> = demo filename

StopRecording Stop Recording of gameplay demo

LoadDemo <string> Load demo of gameplay...
<string> = demo filename

AddBot <#> add new bot in game, where # is number of bot type
Bot Type Numbers:

1 -> Interceptor (EMD)
2 -> Interceptor (UFF)
3 -> Fighter) (EMD)
4 -> Fighter) (UFF)
5 -> Destroyer (EMD)
6 -> Valkyre (UFF)
7 -> Korveta (PIRATE)
8 -> Cruiser (UFF)
9 -> Star crusher (ALREANI)
10 -> Symbiote (COLLECTIVE)
11 -> Fighter (YahAnRa)
12 -> Destroyer (YahAnRa)
13 -> Drednaught (ORD)
14 -> Frigate (MAKKINIST)
15 -> Cruiser(DRAGLON)
16 -> Cargo (DRAGLON)
17 -> Queen cruiser (CHULTA OLIRION)
18 -> Praying Mantis (CHULTA OLIRION)
19 -> Insecta fighter (COLLECTIVE)
20 -> Glider (EZODAR_EMPIRE)
21 -> Fighter (MAKKINIST)
22 -> Patrol ship (ORD)
23 -> Resurector (ALREANI_STATES)
24 -> Frigate (PIRATE)
25 -> Starseeker (EZODAR EMPIRE)
26 -> Explorer (DRAGLON DOMINION)
27 -> Cargo (CHULTA OLIRION)

ab <#> AddBot
Shortcut to run the AddBot command
Example: ab 27

Trade Jump to spacestation to Trade/Sell

AddExperience <#> Add experience <#> to your character profile
(check your EXP on the Stats page of the Inventory)

StationAutoCamera <unknown effect>

ShowQuestID <unknown effect>

Gallery Some sort of picture or interactive gallery.
If you get stuck, try hitting Escape and then clicking
"Resume Game" to get back to the action.

SEND <unknown effect>
(caused game crash for TNT)

AutoRotateMaps Rotating maps...
(assume Automatically Rotates Maps for multiplayer)

ClearRadio <unknown effect>

Screenshot Save a screenshot picture to your <gamedir\Screenshots\>

ShowMeshesInfo List mesh names

ShowTexturesInfo List textures currently in memory

MotionBlur <unknown effect>
(assume toggles motion blur effect on/off)

AddItem <#> Add an item to your inventory
Example: AddItem 40
Example: AddItem 4
(each # is linked to a different item. go experiment
my friend.)

AddMOAB Get 10 "Mother of All Bombs"

StartMeteorShower Start a Meteor Shower (oh no!!!)

ShowFPS Toggle ON/OFF showing of graphical Frames Per Second
rate in lower-left corner of screen

ReSpawn <unknown effect>
(assume Re-Spawns your ship in Multiplayer if you get
destroyed, you lamer!)

AddBody <unknown effect>
(requires some parameter, such as "AddBody 5")
(assumed it was changing Ship Types or adding
components to your ship, but did not notice any effect)

SetScene <unknown effect>

ClearMap <unknown effect>

MaxJumpTime <unknown effect>
(probably needs a # parameter such as "MaxJumpTime 50")

SpectatorSpeed <#> Set screen scroll speed for Spectator Mode
Example: SpectatorSpeed 300

ShowShadowMap Toggle ON/OFF showing of Shadow Map
(Shadows must be enabled first!)

ShowBloomSteps Toggle ON/OFF showing of Bloom Steps

ReloadShaders <unknown effect>
(assume reloads graphical shaders)

EnableRadio Enable pilot radio chatter

DisableRadio Disable pilot radio chatter
(maybe it annoys you to hear enemies/wingmen yelling
crap all the time)

Performance <unknown effect>

NetHelp Display network (lan/internet) commands, as shown below:

StartServer this computer become server

StartClient this computer become client

Disconnect disconnect client from server

ListGames list all LAN active games

Join <#> where # is server number, use ListGames for game numbers

JoinAddress <string> where <string> is host name or IP address
Example: JoinAddress 1.337.1.337

Say <text> send chat <text> to all players

■ Installation ■

1. Start the game.

2. Open the game Console:
Hit the key " ` " or " ~ " also known as Tilde.

A CONSOLE window should open with a cursor.

3. Enter your codes.

Note: You may hit the UpArrow and DownArrow keys to cycle through previously
entered codes. PageUp & PageDown will scroll up/down through the
console window.

4. Hit " ` " or " ~ " to leave the console.

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