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>> Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis <<

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Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis - Psx

Name of the file: Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Police locker combination:
When entering the Police Station and going into the door in the top left corner you will reach a room with zombies. After killing them, enter the next room, which contains the lockers. Once there, go to the other side to find a locker with a light on it. The game will prompt for a code. The code is "0131", "0513", or "0114". Capcom made Resident Evil 3 hard to cheat by making the combinations for the lockers and locations of items in different numbers and locations. Do things differently in each game and you will get a different game each time it is played.

Grenade launcher:
Use the S.T.A.R.S Card in the computer in the main entrance of the Police Station. When you get the S.T.A.R.S Emblem Key, go to the S.T.A.R.S Office. When you are in the office, go to the big locker next to the out-of-commission message receiver. Open the locker and you will get a Grenade Launcher. Some people may find the Magnum in the big locker. In this situation, the Grenade Launcher may be found in the Sub-Station.

Vaccine medium combination:
One of the combinations when making the vaccine medium in the hospital is 2 and B.

Killing Nemesis:
If you can, try and kill(disable) Nemesis at every opportunity you get. Every time you manage to kill him, he will drop an item for you. The items he drops are as follows.

1st time : Eagle part A
2nd time : Eagle part B
3rd time : 1st Aid Kit
4th time : M37 part A
5th time : M37 part B
6th time : 1st Aid Kit
7th time : Unlimited Ammo Kit

The Eagle parts combine to form the Eagle 6.0 handgun. It fires 9mm bullets and has a chance of causing a "critical" hit. This "critical" hit will kill any non-boss opponent with one shot, but it happens randomly.

The M37 parts combine to form the M37 Western Custom Shotgun. This is a shotgun a little bigger than a pistol and has a very good rate of fire. It only stores 6 shots of 12 gauge, but is still a very good gun.

The Unlimited Ammo Kit can be combined with any weapon in your arsenal to give it unlimited ammo (duh). I suggest combining it with the Magnum.

Mercanary Mode:
Beat the game on hard and you'll get mercenary mode.

Explosive stuff:
During the game you will see sticks of dynomite strapped to the walls, or oil drums lying around. Usually there are a lot of monsters by them. When you see them, press L2 and X and it will aim to the objects and blow it and all of the monsters around it into bits. Just don't get too close to the explosive, or you will blow up.

Boutique Key:
Beat the game once on either difficulty and after the credits, you will get a key for the boutique in the first street in the beginning of the game. When you go inside you can change your clothes to Regina's from Dino Crisis, or Jill's blue clothes from the first game.

Get the STARS card:
When you first encounter Nemesis outside the police station, choose to fight the monster. Then run to brad's body and search him for the card case. Check the item and you will get a STARS card. You can use that in the computer in the main hallway for the safe code

Get the Rocket Launcher:
To get the rocket launcher, you must first defeat nemesis in the garbage disposal area to get the card key, then take the facility key to the machine that is next to the place where you put in the water sample. Use the facility key in the ultraviolet ray machine and it will put codes on it. You can the return to the room with the steam coming out of the pipes and go on the elevator. Use the facility key at the door at the end and you will get the Rocket Launcher

Find hostages:
In the mini-game mercanaries you must save 6 hostages.

1 - Dario Russo - He's in the gas station.
2 - Woman - She is in the upstairs room of the press office.
3 - Brad - In the basement of the restaurant.
4 - Officer Branaugh - He's in the area where you find the fuse.
5 - Umbrella team member - in the area where you find the oil additive.
6 - Umbrella team member - in the bar.

Get the Chronos key:
To get the chronos key you must combine the chronos chain and winder key.

Starting the trolley:
The oil additive needed to start the trolley is located in a locked store room inside the sales office. To unlock it, pick up the flashy remote on a desk to turn on a TV. You will see a commercial about some product from Umbrella Corp. Make note of what the product is. Here are some that you might come accross: Safsprin, Adravil, Aquacure. Go to the nearby computer where Carlos just shot his zombied friend. You will be prompted for a password. Type in the name of the product. The store room is now unlocked.

Design Chronos Gear:
Combine the Gold Gear from the Clock Goddess Puzzle with the Silver Gear. The Chronos gear is used to activate clock bells. Insert it into the bell mechanism on the third floor of the Clock Tower.

Solve Clock Goddess Puzzle:
The starting time on the clock is random and the goal of the puzzle is to get the clock to 12. The way the puzzle works is each ball has a different value, the Crystal ball is worth +1, the Obsidian Ball is worth +2, and the Amber Ball is worth +3. Placeing the balls in the past makes them negative(-1,-2,-3), palceing them in the present leaves their value the same(+1,+2,+3), and placeing then in the future doubles their value(+2,+4,+6). Since the puzzle is random you just need to do the math. Example: if the clock reads 5:00 you need to advance the clock 7 hours there for you place the Amber ball in the future(+6), the Obsidian ball in the present(+2), and the Crystal in the past(-1). This gives you 7 hours and the clock then strikes midnight. Again I say that the puzzle is randomized and will not always be on 5:00 o'clock so you just need to do the simple math to solve the puzzle.

Infinite Money Trick:
Use this method to get all the infinite-ammo weapons and infinite weapons pack. In the mercinary mode go to the area with the dumpster and the hop skotch paintings (the one right behind the bar.) Go up the steps and take a right. You will then go north until you get to the fork. Go through the door and you will be in the deadend alley that is boarded up by red and white boards. This can be done with all 3 mecinaries. There are three dogs here. First kill 2 dogs immediately. Then lure the remaining dog to where the boards are stacked up. Climb up onto the boards. Go to the opposite end and watch as the dog makes attempts to jump at you. Take a small step forward and press R1 right before he jumps. Your character will jump backwards and get a dodge bonus. Immediately after the character dodges, press R1 again to pick up a combo for your dodge bonus. Repeat this process to rack up tons of money and time. It takes time, but it is sure worth it.

Mixing Gun Powder:
(Note: Additional mixing instructions are found within the game file on mixing.)

66 Handgun bullets * -- Gun Powder BBA
55 Handgun bullets * -- Gun Powder AAA
40 Shotgun shells -- Gun Powder AAB
35 Handgun bullets -- Gun Powder AA
30 Shotgun shells -- Gun Powder BBB
24 Magnum rounds -- Gun Powder CCC
18 Shotgun shells -- Gun Powder BB
15 Handgun bullets -- Gun Powder A
10 Acid rounds -- Gun Powder BC
10 Cold rounds -- Gun Powder CC
10 Fire rounds -- Gun Powder AC
10 Grenade rounds -- Gun Powder C (mix A with B)
7 Shot Gun Shells -- Gun Powder B

* Concocting large amounts of Handgun ammo wastes time, which affects your final grade.

Max grenade launcher ammo glitch:
With this code you can put more than 6 rounds into your grenade launcher at once. If you have 6 fire rounds in your grenade launcher, and you have 138 regular rounds in your item box, combine the ammo onto the grenade launcher with the fire ammo in it (it works with any ammo as long as the two are different) and the 6 fire ammo should be in your item box and the 138 in your gun! No reloading.

Misc hints:

The shotgun can be your best friend against normal zombies. When they come in small numbers or single file, aim and wait until they are almost on you and fire once for an instant, brain-exploding head shot, or aim straight at a group to hit a wide spread of targets.

Don't be afraid to run away very fast, especially when you're low on ammo or when you're facing Nemesis in the earlier parts of the game. Hand-to-hand combat with the knife against the undead is never a good idea.

The Magnum almost always unleashes an instant-death head shot on zombies, but the ammo for it is scarce most of the way, so it pays to save it for later.

Because you get branching choices for certain events, always pay attention to your environment for clues to how the choices might lead; they inevitably trigger an FMV sequence that shows Jill escaping in the fashion you selected. Most of the time, the outcomes are predictable, and usually your choice doesn't particularly matter to the rest of the game.

Successfully complete the game under the hard difficulty setting to unlock Epilogues. Epilogues are a short diary description of each character in the entire Resident Evil series which describes what happened with that specific person after their adventure. Getting better ratings can unlock the other epilogues. There are eight total Epilogues that can be unlocked.

Medical locker combination:
To get the combination to the medical locker in the hospital, go to the room next to that room. Check the dead body in the corner to find one of the following combinations: "513", "101", "498", or "517".

Go directly to the Evidence Room in the Police Station. Go to the number-based lock with the S.T.A.R.S Emblem Key. Use one of the following three passwords: "0131", "4011", or "4312". You will receive the Emblem Key. Go to the locker in the S.T.A.R.S Office. Open the locker to get a Magnum.

Water combination code:
At the water sample machine near the dead factory, enter "1 Right" for A, "3 Right" for B, and "4 Left" for C. That should unlock half of the lock to the door next to the elevator.

Music Box code:
One of the codes for the music box in the top or the tower is Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Up.

Run on one foot:
When running, quickly and repeatedly tap Square. Jill will run on one foot, and her other foot will never touch the ground.

Saving Ammo:
In the begining Brad will get attack by a zombie in the BAR. He will throw him and the zombie will come back at him. Jill will run over, You will take control. DON'T help brad kill the zombie. You will save 5 to 7 shots if you don't shoot. That is where you save ammo.

Jill's diary:
To get Jill's Diary (a file), collect all thirty files in the game in order. Then the first file (Instructions Manual, blue) will become Jill's Diary.

Barry Burton ending:
The only way to see Barry is if ending B is unlocked. To get this ending the following two points must be done:

The Trolley: Jump out the window:
Fighting Nemesis Type B on the bridge: Jump off.
After the jump off decision, the final area of the game will take a somewhat different path. You will have to fight off Nicholai in a chopper. It is recommended that you bring a Magnum and Grenade Launcher (or Rocket Launcher if it has been found). You can also choose to negotiate with him.

Enhanced Weapons/Ammo:
When creating ammo with the reloading tool, save enough gunpowder to mix up the same type of ammo eight times. On the eighth time, the game will prompt "Do you want to create the enhanced ammo?". Select "Yes". This ammo is more powerful, may have slightly different effects, and once loaded into a weapon will change it into an "enhanced weapon". Once you have loaded a weapon with enhanced ammo, do not reload it with regular ammo. You can only create two types of enhanced ammo: 9mm handgun bullets and shot gun shells. Also, do not combine enhanced ammo with regular ammo.

Make your own shotgun:
In order to make a shotgun you must have gunpowder BBB, grenade rounds, and the mixing tool. Mix gunpowder BBB with the grenade rounds to make shotgun parts. Next, mix the shotgun parts with the mixing tool to make the shotgun.

The three jewels in the clock tower:
When you enter the room in the clock tower with the three statues holding trays, take the obsidian, crystal, and amber jewels from them. There are three clocks on the wall besides the two dead bodies. Going from left to right, place the amber jewel in the first tray, the obsidian jewel in the middle tray, and the crystal jewel in the third tray. The middle clock will open and you will get a gold gear. Combine it with the silver gear and place it in the slot on the third floor.

Easiest way to get all epilogues:
first complete the game as quickly as possible don't fight the nemesis just RUN for the exit once you have completed it you will get an epilogue two or three costume and more importantly the mercenaries game then use mihail to get unilimted ammo assault rifle and the rocket have some fun and just work your way through with that lot you can kill the nemesis in two hits (anyone of his mutations apart from the last one!!!!) then it will tak time but it will be extremly easy.

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