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>> Download - Trism [iPhone] <<

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Download - Trism [iPhone] - Iphone

Name of the file: Trism [iPhone] - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.
Aurora: Form a rainbow supertrism.
Blackout: Surround a black Trism with rainbows on all three sides.
Bombsquad: Disarm a Bomb.
Brainiac: Beat all syllogism levels with par 5.
Casanova: Clear six Trisms of the same color in a heart shape.
Conga Line: Make a 12-chain of Trisms.
Daisy Chain: Make an 8-chain of Trisms.
Eclipse: Surround any normal color trism with rainbows on all three sides.
Flash in the pan: Run out of moves during the first level of infinism.
Genius: Beat all Syllogism levels with par 0.
Groundskeeper: Keep the board free of holes for five turns.
Hexism: Clear six Trisms of the same color in a hexagon shape.
Infinithon: Score 1,000,000 pints in a single infinism game.
Locksmith: Disarm a lock.
Ninja: Form a Supertrism out of black trisms.
Oracle: Create three Supertrisms in three consecutive turns.
Overachiever: Collect all other achievements.
Pharaoh: Form a Supertrism out of normal colored trisms.
Prodigy: Score 100,000 points on level one of infinism or terminism.
Sprinter: Score 500,000 in terminism before getting a timeout.
Veteran: Accumulate 50,000,000 total pints across all games.
X-Ism: Clear six Trisms of the same color in an X shape.

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