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Nom du fichier : NHL 2000 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Awesome Defensemen
Name your player Sandis Ozolinsh. After this, it will ask you if you want to create a player like him. Answer ''Yes'' to the question. Change the player's name to your liking but don't change the attributes. You may create many players like these for high defense stats.

Secret Player
Go to Create a Player and enter as his first name : Joe and his last name: Sakic
Note: It must look like this: Joe Sakic

Then select yes to the question that appears, and you'll find that all of his attributes are above 90.

Unlimited timeouts:
Press Start after a whistle, enter the strategies screen and select "Timeout". Immediately press Triangle, enter the screen again, and immediately press X. This can be repeated until your line is full.

EA Sports team:
Select exhibition mode, then repeatedly press L2 + R2 during game play.

Jersey number 99:
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Wayne Gretzky as a name. The game will automatically assign him jersey number 99.

The Dude player:
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Bruce Willis as a name. The announcers will refer to the character during game play as "The Dude".

Hint: The Hammer:
Create a player and enter Hammer as his first name. The announcer will refer to him as "The Hammer" during game play.

Super players:
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Joe Sakic or Peter Forsberg as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, then adjust them as needed. Return to the previous screen and change his name to your choice, but do not change any other setting.

Super goalie:
Enter the create-a-player screen and enter Patrick Roy as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, then set the following attributes to get an overall rating of 97:

Speed: 99
Poke check: 99
Puck cover: 99
5 hole: 99
Def. Awareness: 99
Off. Awareness: 99
Speed: 99
Recovery: 99
Agility: 99
Glove left: 99
Glove right: 99
Stick right: 65
Stick left: 99
Aggressiveness: 99
Endurance: 99
Intensity: 40

Hint: Eliminate opposition's goalie:
Pause game play, select "Controller", then choose the opposing team. After entering the team's menu, change the goalie to "Pull", then press Start. Wait a moment, then press Start and return to the control selection screen. Move back to your original team and press Start. After entering your menu press Start and the opposing goalie will be gone.

Hint: Easy goal:
When on a breakaway, do a deke right at the hash marks. They look like two lines (top from bottom). Then, make a quick wrist shot. 65 percent of the time, the puck will hit the post or go in.

Hint: Fights:
When in a fight and player two does not fight back, you will get the five minutes major and they will get the two minutes. To avoid this, press Start to switch controllers to use their team and force them to fight back.

Hint: Regain health:
After a player is injured or suspended, allow the game to complete. Select "Injury Report", then exit the screen. Keep entering and exiting the "Injury Report" screen until your players have regained their health.

Hint: Different jerseys:
You will be prompted for a type of jersey just before a game. Select "Home" for the team's white jersey, "Away" for the color jersey, "Alternate" for the team's third jersey (if available), or "Inaugural" for the team's old jersey (if available).

Hint: Taunt opposition:
Press Triangle after scoring a goal to laugh at or taunt the other team.

Hint: Get T. Seleene and P. Karia:
Play as the Flyers and trade John LeClair and Mikail Renberg to the Mighty Ducks for Seleene Karia.

Hint: Ultimate Anaheim team:
Trade the current Anaheim players for the following:

Current New
A. Aalto (Colorado) P. Forsberg
P. Crowe (U.S.A.) J. LeClair
M. Crowley (Sweden) N. Lidstrom
M. Cullen (Sweden) P. Forsberg
J. Davidsson (Canada) J. Sakic
T. Donato (Canada) P. Kariya
T. Drury (Colorado) J. Sakic
S. Ferguson (Colorado) S. Ozolinsh
S. Grimson (Philadelphia) J. LeClair
K. Haller (St. Louis) C.Pronger
M. LeClerc (U.S.A.) K. Tkachuk
J. Marshall (Boston) R. Bourque
M. Mcilnnis (Canada) E. Lindros
J. McKenzie (St.Louis) P. Demitra
J. Nielsen (Czech Republic) J. Jagr
F. Olausson (U.S.A.) C. Chelios
S. Rucchin (U.S.A.) M. Modano
R. Salei (U.S.A.) D. Hatcher
D. Trebil (Canada) C. Pronger
P. Trepanier (Canada) A. MacInnis
P. Trnka (Canada) A Foote
O. tverdovsky (E. Desjardins
G. Hebert (Buffalo) D. Hasek
D. Roussel (Czech Republic) D. Hasek

Glitch: Freeze players:
Players may freeze immediately after a face off, but the clock will keep going. The players will remain frozen until the end of the period (or game in the third period).

Glitch: No goal:
Sometimes your shot may go over line and through the net but not count as a goal. The puck may also come through the back of the net for the goalie to get.

Glitch: Goal total:
When the announcer says your goal count it will be 40 ahead than what it really is. After that announcer score reaches over a 100, the count will be miscellaneous.

Glitch: Disappearing damage meter:
Pause game play when fighting, then resume game play. While still in the fight, your opponent damage meter will be gone. Note: You must not fight back

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