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>> Download - NFL GameDay '98 <<

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Download - NFL GameDay '98 - Psx

Nom du fichier : NFL GameDay '98 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Cheat mode:
Press L1 + L2 + R1+ R2 at the main menu. Enter the "Easter Eggs" selection on the options screen and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat feature.

Effect Password
Players have one short leg AHAB
More accurate passes AIR_ATTACK
L2 + X for super shoulder charge BETTIS
Stronger kicker legs BIG_FOOT
Less penalties BLIND_REF
More penalties BUSY_REF
CPU running plays only CLOUD_OF_DUST
Flat players COOKIE_CUTTER
Increased CPU defense CPU_DEFENSE
Increased CPU offense CPU_OFFENSE
View credits CREDITS
Great catches by receivers CRUNCH_TIME
Identical teams EQUAL_TEAMS
Faster players FIRE_DRILL
All players FLAT_LAND
Small players FLEA_CIRCUS
Increased difficulty GD_CHALLENGE
Better catches GLOVES
Juiced forearm shiver HATCHET
Large players HUMONGOUS
Shadow players INVISIBLE
Better stiff arm JACK_HAMMER
Very fast players JUICE
Better DB coverage LEECH
No hands LOOK_MA
Loud announcer LOUD_MOUTH
All McMahon team MCMAHON
Juiced swim move NYSE
CPU knows which play was selected PSYCHIC
Less crowd noise QUIET_CROWD
Defense jump higher REJECTION
Dive then jump to roll and run SHOW_OFF
High kicks THIN_AIR
Easier to burn a DB TOAST
CPU runs fake field goals and punts TRICKY_CUP
Warped flat players VIRTUAL_POLYGONS
Better one-handed catches STRETCH

Bonus teams:
Press Up at the team selection screen to access Super Bowl teams for player one. Press Down at this screen for player two. Press Up again at the player selection screen to access All-Star teams for player one. Use L1 and L2 to view more selections. Press Down and use R1 and R2 at this screen for player two.

Bonus audio:
Play track two of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.

Win the coin toss:
Repeatedly tap X just before the coin toss screen appears. Stop tapping X just before the actual coin toss. If done correctly, the toss will always be the side that was selected.

When flipping the coin, press Triangle + X. 90% of the time, you will get the choice of the ball.

Hear theme music during game:
Just as halftime starts (when the screen with the scores falls from the top), press all buttons when the announcer is saying the scores. The game will skip the halftime screen with the yards and rushing statistics, but music will continue at the start of the third quarter.

Unstoppable play:
There is a glitch in the game that allows two players on the same team to be unstoppable against the CPU. During any kickoff, player one presses X motion towards the kick. Immediately after player one motions towards the ball, press Circle once to select the closest player to the ball and press X to speed up to the ball. Player two rips the ball off the tee. For some reason, instead of getting the onsides ball, the CPU kicks off to you. You will receive the ball at the 20 as a touchback.

Avoid pass interference calls:
As soon as the quarterback releases the ball, run to the receiver. Hit the receiver just before the camera locks onto him when he catches the ball. The ball will be knocked out of his ands and will be ruled and an incomplete pass.

Run the following play: Pro Blue: Screen. Then, call a no-huddle offense (Select + L2). Press Square (audible), Circle. Then, press Square (audible), Circle (again). Wait a few seconds for your receiver to run downfield, then snap the ball, and throw it to him. Do not wait too long or the pass will be incomplete.

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