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>> Download - NFL GameDay '97 <<

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Download - NFL GameDay '97 - Psx

Nom du fichier : NFL GameDay '97 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Code menu:
Press L1, R1, L2, R2 at the pre-game screen with the "Start Game", "Roster", "Options", and "Statistics" selections. Enter one of the following passwords. Note: "_" indicates a space.

Effect Password
More injuries ASSASSIN
Hard hits explode ATOMIC_BOMB
Quarterback throws harder BAZOOKA
Cheerleaders are bigger BIG_GIRLS
Star players bigger than other players BIG_STARS
More time to hit a receiver to free the ball BLASTERS
Less penalties BLIND_REF
Strong winds with snow BLIZZARD
Shoulder charge BO_KNOWS
More injuries BRITTLE
Quarterbacks accuracy is increased BROADWAY_JOE
More penalties BUSY_REF
Defense hits harder BUTKAS
Displays the credits CREDITS
Louder hits CRUNCHY
Darker stadium DARK_NIGHT
Defense is better DEFENSE
More effective spins DERVISH
Used to delete last remaining code in menu DOC
Simulate electric toy football game ELECTRIC_FB
Most players have similar abilities EQUALIZER
Players are very small FLEA_CIRCUS
Players are big FRIDGE
Hurdles higher FROG
Makes the game as fast as NCAA GameBreaker GB_SPEED
Computer is harder GD_CHALLENGE
Computer is smarter GENIUS
More passes are caught GLOVES
Huge players GOLIATH
Kicks are higher HANG_TIME
Jump and hang in air for longer time HATCHET
Offensive line blocks better HOGS
No call-pass interference or personal fouls for home team HOME COOKING
Slippery playing field ICE_SKATES
Computer is less smart IDIOT
Adds pop ups from the NFL GameDay INFAMOUS_POP_UPS
Ball pops up higher when receiver fumbles JUGGLER
Faster speed burst JUICE
Players dive farther LONG_JUMP
Announcer is louder LOUD_MOUTH
Forearm shiver on defense is now a karate chop KARATE
Players are smaller KRAIG
Offensive line is at a disadvantage MANDARICH
Clock never runs NO_TIME
Swim move is better NYSE
Offense is better OFFENSE
Stiff arm is stronger OUCH
Press L2 + Square to hit harder; like flattening a pancake PANCAKE
Forearm shiver is stronger on defense PINBALL
Jackhammer off a stiff arm PISTON
Jump higher REJECTION
Running back is faster and stronger SAYERS
Faster Quarterback SCRAMBLER
Crowd is louder SHOUT
Players are slower SLO_MO
Strong wind with rain SQUALL
Harder hits STEROIDS
Press L2 + Triangle for jumping one handed catch STRETCH
Very dark stadium TEMPEST
Better coverage TIGHT_COVER
Defense backs do not cover as well TOAST
Quarterback lobs passes TORRETA
Strong winds TWISTER

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