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>> Download - Pokemon GO [Android] <<

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Download - Pokemon GO [Android] - Android

Nom du fichier : Pokemon GO [Android] - Auteur : ANO - [ANDROID]

Closed App:
When the app is switched off the game will not track anything or alert you when Pokemon or PokeStops are nearby. The app will however still drain the timer of your consumables which means you may as well keep it on all the time and listen out for the buzzes.

Hatching Eggs:
Remember when trying to hatch your eggs that the game tracks your movement using GPS and not a pedometer and that there is a speed limitation which means travelling in cars, buses, and trains will not help you. If you have real cash to spend you can reduce the grind by purchasing a few incubators.

Immortal Boss Glitch:
If you button-mash during a gym fight your screen is liable to freeze. This is a server issue that needs to be fixed but in the meantime can be avoided by tapping the buttons at a more normal rate after each of your strikes land.

Special Attack:
Each Pokemon has a 'special' meter that builds as you attack and once full will enable you to unleash a more powerful attack. To launch this attack you hold down a finger on your enemy.

When capturing Pokemon you need to ensure that you get it in the ring. The smaller the ring is though, the higher your chance will be of catching the Pokemon if your throw lands inside the inner ring.

The best way to capture Pokemon is to turn off the AR because turning off the camera will stabilise them in the center of your screen and make them much easier to hit.

Pikachu Starter:
At the beginning of the game you will be given the choice of playing Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. If you select none of them and instead physically run away from them the game will jump them over to try and follow you. After about the fourth time you do this Pikachu will become available as a starter.

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