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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile [Android] - ANDROID

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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile [Android] - ANDROID
Name of the file: Pokemon-Shuffle-Mobile-[Android] - Author: ANO - [ANDROID]

Capturing Pokemon:
Always try to defeat a Pokemon with as many leftover moves as possible as doing so will earn you extra points, and the extra moves will be added to your capture chance.

Unlock Expert (EX) Stages:
Earn the indicated number of 'S' ranks to unlock the corresponding EX stage. EX stages feature rarer and stronger Pokemon to catch and have new rules. EX stages are accessed by tapping 'Extra' at the lower left side of the screen. Earning S-Ranks on the EX stages or SP stages will not count towards your overall total.

Stage EX-01 - Absol:
Earn 12 S-Ranks

Stage EX-02 - Rotom:
Earn 12 S-Ranks

Stage EX-03 - Lucario:
Earn 12 S-Ranks

Stage EX-04 - Articuno:
Earn 20 S-Ranks

Stage EX-05 - Zapdos:
Earn 25 S-Ranks

Stage EX-06 - Moltres:
Earn 30 S-Ranks

Stage EX-07 - Venusaur:
Earn 35 S-Ranks

Stage EX-08 - Blastoise:
Earn 40 S-Ranks

Stage EX-09 - Charizard:
Earn 45 S-Ranks

Stage EX-10 - Dragonite:
Earn 50 S-Ranks

Stage EX-11 - Sceptile:
Earn 55 S-Ranks

Stage EX-12 - Blaziken:
Earn 60 S-Ranks

Stage EX-13 - Swampert:
Earn 65 S-Ranks

Stage EX-14 - Entei:
Earn 70 S-Ranks

Stage EX-15 - Suicune:
Earn 75 S-Ranks

Stage EX-16 - Raikou:
Earn 85 S-Ranks

Stage EX-17 - Heatran:
Earn 95 S-Ranks

Stage EX-18 - Xerneas:
Earn 100 S-Ranks

Stage EX-19 - Yveltal:
Earn 110 S-Ranks

Stage EX-20 - Mewtwo:
Earn 150 S-Ranks

Stage EX-21 - Genesect:
Earn 180 S-Ranks

Stage EX-22 - Chesnaught:
Earn 191 S-Ranks

Stage EX-23 - Delphox:
Earn 195 S-Ranks

Stage EX-24 - Greninja:
Earn 200 S-Ranks

Stage EX-25 - Terrakion:
Earn 215 S-Ranks

Stage EX-26 - Virizion:
Earn 215 S-Ranks

Stage EX-27 - Cobalion:
Earn 220 S-Ranks

Stage EX-28 - Bisharp:
Earn 221 S-Ranks

Stage EX-29 - Gallade:
Earn 230 S-Ranks

Stage EX-30 - Goodra:
Earn 240 S-Ranks

Stage EX-31 - Luxray:
Earn 250 S-Ranks

Stage EX-32 - Malamar:
Earn 260 S-Ranks

Stage EX-33 - Mamoswine:
Earn 280 S-Ranks

Stage EX-34 - Gliscor:
Earn 290 S-Ranks

Stage EX-35 - Porygon-Z:
Earn 300 S-Ranks

Stage EX-36 - Walrein:
Earn 310 S-Ranks

Stage EX-37 - Honchkrow:
Earn 330 S-Ranks

Stage EX-38 - Arcanine:
Earn 350 S-Ranks

Stage EX-39 - Yanmega:
Earn 360 S-Ranks

Stage EX-40 - Ludicolo:
Earn 380 S-Ranks

Stage EX-41 - Hydreigon:
Earn 400 S-Ranks

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