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>> Download - NASCAR 2001 <<

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Download - NASCAR 2001 - Psx

Name of the file: NASCAR 2001 - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Cheat codes:
To enter these codes you have to go to the options menu and choose 'Credits'. Select development and after the FMV, when the credits roll, press the following:

Unlock John Andretti's 2nd car:
Hold R1 then press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.

Unlock Proving Grounds track:
Hold R1 then press Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Right, Right.

Unlock Treasure Island track:
Hold L2 and press Square, Circle, Square, Up, Up, Down, Up, Left, Right, X.

Unlock KC Monoxide:
Hold L2 and press Square, Circle, X, Down, Up, Right, Left.

Unlock "Shorty" Leung:
Hold R2 and press Square, Circle, X, Up, Down, Left, Right.

Unlock Jocko Michaels:
Hold L1 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X.

Unlock Asher Boldt:
Hold L2 and press Square, Circle, Triangle, X .

Black Box Classic car:
Win the Short Track Challenge to unlock the Black Box Classic car.

Black Box Exotic car:
Win the Half Season to unlock the Black Box Exotic car.

EA Sports car:
Win the Road Course Challenge to unlock the EA Sports car. car:
Win the Superspeedway Shootout on either the veteran or legend difficulty settings.


Unlock the Black Box Classic car:
Win the Short Track Challenge.

Unlock the Black Box Exotic car:
Win the Half Season.

Unlock the EA Sports car:
Win the Road Course Challenge.

Unlock the EA Dot Com Car:
Win the Superspeedway Shootout in either veteran or legend.

Unlock Treasure Island Track:
Win the full season on veteran level.

How to make it a demolition derby:
Select single race and any track (Daytona is the best choice) and any driver. Set damage on limited and the race length to 100%. You can either race in happy hour or the actual race. Go either the wrong way or the right way. When your car get's flipped over then it will say "hit gas to reset" (X). Now start the demolition !


Game Shark Codes

Quick Win D001C774 0001
8001C774 0032
D001A640 0001
8001A640 0032
D00209DC 0001
800209DC 0032
Start on Lap 2 D001C774 0001
8001C774 0002
D001A640 0001
8001A640 0002
D00209DC 0001
800209DC 0002

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