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>> Download - Elder Scrolls : Morrowmind <<

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Download - Elder Scrolls : Morrowmind - Xbox

Nom du fichier : Elder Scrolls : Morrowmind - Auteur : ANO - [XBOX]

Own house:
To own your own house,all you have to do is go and kill the owner of the house you want once he is dead he will never come back.Everything in that house is yours for the taking.So then you will have a house to sleep in.

Level up easily:
To level up easily, jump continuously, until it says your acrobatics skill increased. This will add one of ten points to your leveling meter. You have to jump around approximately two minutes to get one level point.

Ultimate Money Cheat:
First of all, you must have about 1,000 or more gold coins and be strong enough to kill a common shopkeeper. What you do is go to Caldera and look for the Creeper(he's located upstairs in the crummy shop with orcs in it). Now, he will buy what ever you sell him for what it says its worth, so sell him all of your money for the price you gave him or more. Do this several times and he will hold the amount he buys from you (if you sell him 1,000 gold coins 10 times he will have 10,000 gold coins) then kill him and take it all back! p.s. the more money you sell him (up to 5,000) the more he will hold.

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