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>> Download - Star Wars: Uprising [Android] <<

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Download - Star Wars: Uprising [Android] - Android

Nom du fichier : Star Wars: Uprising [Android] - Auteur : ANO - [ANDROID]

Game Cheats:

You will recieve abilites from faction trainers in five categories and what you acquire will define your hero. The five caregories are Directional, Targeted, Self, Passive, and Ultimate.

Unlock Factions:
There are three main factions, the Trade Spine League, Rebel Alliance, and Ivax Syndicate. To unlock them you must earn their trust in Story missions.

Increase Strength:
At the start of the game focus on upgrading your equipment so you increase your player score and enhance your total strength. Keep in mind that the rarer the element you use the more Experience your equipment will get from it.

Upgrade Components:
The rank 1 components which are commonly found are not much use on their own, it is more beneficial to save them in order to upgrade the component. You can upgrade the component by tapping the component button at the top of the inventory menu where if you have multiples of it they can be combined along with various other materials to increase their power.

Talk to NPCs to unlock 'Opportunities' which are like side missions and give you a chance to earn Chromium which is the premium currency in this game. 'Opportunities' will only be available for a certain period of time before they dissapear so they need to be tackled as soon as possible. Once completed 'Opportunities' will cease to be visible.

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