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>> Download - Star Wars : Republic Commando - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Star Wars : Republic Commando - Cheat Codes - Pc

Nom du fichier : Star Wars : Republic Commando - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Press ` during gameplay.Code Effect loaded All explosives, full ammo, and almost all of the secondary weapons appear below you.

Cheat Codes (case insensitive):
FreezeFrame [#] Freeze Frame after delaying # seconds
Seems to put the game into Pause mode (not sure if you
can resume normal gameplay after this)
Example: FreezeFrame 2

ChangeSize [#] Scale the player's size
Makes your Character larger or smaller. (2 seems normal)
Example: ChangeSize 3

Teleport Teleport to surface player is looking at
Note: put your Targeting Reticle over the Ground of
where you wish to teleport to.

HOG 1000000 Damage points inflicted on the Object in your
Targeting Reticle

Fly You feel much lighter
Enable Fly Mode

Walk Disable Fly Mode

Ghost You feel ethereal
NoClip, meaning you can move through objects and walls

Fierfek AllAmmo
Grants maximum Ammo for all of your weapons

Invisible 1 Set Player Invisible
Makes your character Invisible to enemies

Invisible 0 Set Player Visible
Makes your character Visible to enemies

TheMatulaakLives God (Invincible)
Toggle God Mode ON or OFF

Lamasu AllLevels
Unlocks all Campaign Missions and SAVES to your Profile

Darman SkipLevel
Jump to the next Mission

SloMo [#] Slow Motion
Note that this MAY get saved into your Profile!
Example: Slomo 2
^ 2x Normal Speed
Example: Slomo .25
^ 1ǚ Normal Speed
Try any numbers you wish.

SetJumpZ [#] Set Jump Force
Example: SetJumpZ 1500
Use over 400 to jump higher than normal.

SetGravity [#] Set Gravity
Example: SetGravity 1000
Every number I tried resulted in me flying to the top
of the game world. So, use at your own risk.

SetSpeed [#] Set Game Speed
Example: SetSpeed 2
NOTE: this is the same as SloMo, except that SloMo
supposedly saves to your Profile.

KillAll [CLASS] Kill all beings in the world that are in the specified

KillPawns Kill all Pawns
Kills all of your squad-mates

SmiteEvil Smiting Evil
Destroys all Enemies with a specific radius of your
current position

Avatar [CLASS] Possess a pawn of the requested class
This MAY be related to Multiplayer only

Summon [CLASS] Summon being into existence
This MAY be related to Multiplayer only

BlindAI 1 Blind AI Enabled
AI controlled beings can not See (and thus should not

BlindAI 0 Blind AI Disabled

DeafAI 1 Deaf AI Enabled
AI controlled beings can not Hear (and thus should not
be alerted to your presence due to noise)

DeafAI 0 Deaf AI Disabled

BlindEnemies 1 Blind Enemies Enabled
Enemies can not See (and thus should not attack)

BlindEnemies 0 Blind Enemies Disabled

DeafEnemies 1 Deaf Enemies Enabled
Enemies can not Hear (and thus should not be alerted to
your presence due to noise)

DeafEnemies 0 Deaf Enemies Disabled

Loaded AllWeapons & AllAmmo
Grants All Weapons and Maximum Ammo

AllWeapons Grants All Weapons

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