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>> Download - Madden NFL 2002 - Full Guide v1.1b <<

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Download - Madden NFL 2002 - Full Guide v1.1b - Psx

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Name of the file: Madden NFL 2002 - Full Guide v1.1b - Author: PYR - [PSX]

Get CPU Opponent Penalized Unlimited Times
During a play, go to the pause menu, go to settings, and then go to controller select. Put the controller in between both teams so neither is selected. And then, resume the game and make sure that when the play is over, you don't see the playbook come up. It should look sort of like you're watching a game. Then, all you do is keep on pausing and resuming the game. The computer will not be able to call a play and the play clock will run down all the way, resulting in a delay of game.

Glitch: 10,000,000 Tokens!!!!
1) Change Only the SPEED of the all members of the Ravens D so that they all are at 15. Nothing else needed to do to the defense.

2) Edit all of your RBs, FBs, TEs & BACKUP WRs so they are at a 10 or less rating. Starting WRs put their Catching & Carrying to 0, leave the rest of their settings alone.

3) Change all of your QBs so that their Passing power & accuracy is 0, make sure they are rated at 10 or less. {i used Atlanta so i wil use Vick as my example}. Make Vick's SPEED, ACCEL, CARRYING, AWARENESS, STAMINA & AGILITY all 99.

4) Change all of your starting OL Pass Block to 99.

5) Save your roster under a new name (NOT DEFAULT!) this you will delete once you have your 10 million tokens.

6) Make sure you load your newly created roster, it should be already but just to make sure...

7) Start a 2 Min Drill on ALL MADDEN against the Ravens D (who now have no more than 15 speed that you adjusted) sure to pick your profile and the team that has your modified QB.

8) I suggest finding a play in the Single Back formation that has 2 WRs on the left and 1 on the right. HOT ROUTE the WR on the right and the TE to do a Down-n-In (left on d-pad). This will make the LBs help guard the pass over the middle but you will run right by them.

9) Run your QB to the right side of the field be sure to get close to the line of scrimmage so he starts to run like a RB then hit your speed boost and run away from the Ravens D to the promise land (endzone). TD! TD!! TD!!!

10) you should be able to get 63 or 70 points for the game. If the D does somehow get a good play on you call a TimeOut to save your time. Run out of bounds if you see a penatly(sp?) being called.

When your game is over you should have a huge negative number as your score, quit and goto the MADDEN CARDS under OPTIONS. Check your stats and you will have your 10,000,000 tokens!

Infinite Creation Points
Create a player, then go to Edit Player. Select the speed Category and then select attributes. When this is done you will have 99 Points maximum in each category. *Note* This code also worked on Madden NFL 2001

Houston Texans:
After the first season in franchise mode, do the expansion draft for the Houston Texans.

Hint: Better catches:
To do a better catch than the generic one, where the player throws his hands in the air at the last second and most of the time misses, simply press Catch a second or a half a second before you reach the target of the ball, or before the ball reaches the receiver. The player will do a better looking and more effective catch, such a one handed catch, a jump catch, a spin catch, an over the shoulder catch (good for lobs), or a better diving one if the ball is out of reach.

Hint: Change player appearance:
Under the options screen select "Rosters", go to "Edit Player", and finally go to "Player Appearance". You can make anyone in the NFL look different than they really do.

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