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>> Download - Jak II <<

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Download - Jak II - Psx

Name of the file: Jak II - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Infinite Orbs
For any Underground Orb mission, if you grab the Orb at exactly 0:00, you'll get a "Mission Failed" and also the 3 Orbs you won. If you choose to try again, you can do this over and over and keep obtaining 3 more Orbs.

Dark Jak vs Final Boss
After the cutscene before the final battle, hold R1 and you'll transform (or stay as) Dark Jak, regardless of Dark Eco meter.

Alt. Scrap Book - Collect 200 orbs
Big Head - Collect 30 orbs
Hero Mode - Collect 200 orbs
Invunerability - Collect 175 orbs
Jak's Goatee - Collect 5 orbs
Level Select - Collect 145 orbs
Mirror World - Collect 15 orbs
Peace Maker Gun Course - Collect 105 orbs
Reverse Races - Collect 135 orbs
Scene Player Act 1 - Collect 65 orbs
Scene Player Act 2 - Collect 95 orbs
Scene Player Act 3 - Collect 125 orbs
Scrap Book - Collect 55 orbs
Small Head - Collect 45 orbs
Unlimited Ammo - Collect 155 orbs
Unlimited Dark Jak - Collect 165 orbs
Vulcan Fury - Collect 75 orbs

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