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Download - Lotus Challenge - Psx

Nom du fichier : Lotus Challenge - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

All Tracks and Cars

Some hints from Virgin:

Driving aids
Driving aids are for the complete novice who isnt as practiced in the art of driving a raw sports car efficiently around the track. They take away a lot of the responsibility so that when all the Driving Aids are on, you only need to worry about left,right and go!

Despite its accessibility, you wont be holding any competitive lap records if you keep using them. Driving Aids tend to over compensate. They do help you keep the car in control, but the cars can go a lot quicker around the track if you switch everything off. Well, if you race just as fast with driving aids on or off, youd leave them on all the time wont you. And youll never get to experience the joy of beating a lap record with your own fantastic driving and not the CPUs.

With ABS on you dont have to worry about locking up the
wheels of your car. ABS isnt designed to make your car stop
sooner, its designed so that drivers still have control whilst braking. It pulses the brake so that you can still steer the car. Because, the wheels are still rotating, they will still have an effect when you steer. When the wheels lock, steering has a lesser effect, as your wheels effectively become four rubber feet on which the car sits.

If you do want steering control whilst braking and ABS is off. You can either pulse the braking (cadence braking) or just apply less braking force. Youll find that the car still slows down but without the loss in control.

Traction Control:
This completely takes away the responsibility of throttle
control. Without it, any heavy handedness with the throttle
can cause your drive wheels to lose traction and start
spinning and smoking. If left spinning for long enough, the
cars can start to donut (spinning on the spot), throwing you
in a random direction, sometimes in the opposite direction
to your competitors! This problem is worse if youre wheel
spinning whilst going around a corner. Because theres more
yaw momentum (turning force) your car could flip out even

Traction control also helps out if you come off at a corner.
Invariably, you end up in grass or gravel, which gives you
less tyre grip. Again Traction control will help you out by
providing just enough power to get back onto the road.

If youre a complete driving simulator novice, or youre
brought up on a diet of Mario Kart or Ridge Racer, the
chances are your braking distance judgment is non-existent.
If youre a GT vet, you should be OK. AB takes braking away
from the game. When you approach a corner, the car will slow
down for you at the same rate as the other cars in the race.
If youre racing at a harder Opponent AI level, the brakes
will come on later.

The braking is optimized for the racing line, so if youre
going wide into a corner, it wont compensate for you. You
can over-ride AB if you want and just brake for yourself if
you find that it doesnt use enough. Also AB doesnt
necessarily use the most efficient braking points. You can
out-brake you opponents without it, so its worth learning
not to rely on it too much. It just eases you into the game
by taking away the responsibility of braking.

Without it, the car can spinout, losing you lots of time as
you have to get the car back on the road. AS is there to help out in the event that you lose the back end of your car. What it does is it calms the effect of your steering input by limiting it to what you need to keep the car in control so you dont steer into a slide, making it worse. By limiting the steering, the car simply slows rather than spin out.

Because it lets you steer to the limits whilst its still on, use it to learn how much you can throw the car into each
corner before AS has to engage.

Steering Control Methods

Combined Steering:
Imagine the analogue stick movement as the face of a clock.
Combined steering uses 9:00 via 12:00 to 3:00. It also has
the conventional left/right, 9:00 via neutral to 3:00. This
system is there to encourage you to try the circular
steering method. The combined nature of this system means
that whilst youre learning the Circular method, you can
always jump back to the conventional method in emergencies
such as catching a slide. With practice, you will
eventually get used to holding the stick forward for when
you drive in a straight line. Some people say this is
uncomfortable, but its no different to raising your hand
to hold the wheel in a real car. The benefits of circular
steering will be described in the next section.

Circular Steering:
This is THE way of playing Lotus Challenge. If youre not a
dinosaur and are willing to try out new techniques and
control methods, then you wont regret learning Circular
Steering. Circular does cover more of the sticks movement
than the Combined Steering system. Using the same clock face
system, it goes from 7:30 via 12:00 to 4:30. This gives you
about two and a quarter times the amount of control, which
makes it more forgiving for the clumsy thumbed player.
There are several benefits when using Circular Steering.

First of all, it gives you a finer degree of control of the
car. This leads to more subtlety when youre driving. On the
fast tracks, when youre flying along at speed, the fine level of control really comes into it. It allows you to smoothly thread your way through traffic, as heavy steering movements are not the order of the day.

Second, it allows you to hold long bends much easier than
tapping the D-pad or Analog stick. On tracks such as Arizona
or Florida, where there are long sweeping bends, this really
helps, as you can still change lanes subtly on the bends.

Third, if youre hardcore and youre playing the game with
full damage, sometimes you damage your car and it starts to
pull to one side. You can subtly adjust the cars neutral
position and make it go straight by holding the stick slightly to the side, depending on which direction its pulling in. Bit like driving a second-hand MK11 Fiesta!

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