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Download - LMA Manager - Psx

Nom du fichier : LMA Manager - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

WET WET WET - Rainy every game.
DRY DRY DRY - The weather should then always be sunny
FACTOR 25 - Sunny every game.
KING MIDAS - Start off with #500 million in the bank.
BACKSEAT MANAGER - The best tactics, formations and match strategies will be pre-selected for you before every game.
GOOD KICKIN - During the highlights, the ball is replaced by a player.
THE BEST - Every player has a 90% skill level.
NORTH AND SOUTH - All transfers you make will be a success.
QUICK DRY CEMENT - Upgrades your stadium within a day.
WITCH DOCTOR - Any injured player will make a full recovery within a day.
IVOR INVINCIBLE - Your team never loses.
PRIVATE JET - You can move the camera freely during the highlights.
MARTIAL ARTS - All of the players are replaced by ninjas in the highlights.
GOLDEN SANDS - A beach ball replaces the normal ball during the highlights.

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