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Angry Birds Stella [Android] - ANDROID

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Angry Birds Stella [Android] - ANDROID
Name of the file: Angry-Birds-Stella-[Android] - Author: ANO - [ANDROID]

Google Play Achievements

A League of Your Own (500 XP) Earn 100 Golden Crowns.
Album Maker (500 XP) Find 30 Photographs.
Beach Day (1,000 XP) Complete Episode 2.
Beach Day - Score Addict (1,000 XP) Got 5.5M Points in Episode 2.
Big Spender (500 XP) Spend 5,000 Coins.
Branch Out (1,000 XP) Complete Episode 1.
Branch Out - Score Addict (1,000 XP) Get 4.3M Points in Episode 1.
Camera Roll (500 XP) Found 10 Photographs.
Coin Grabber (500 XP) Earn 1,000 Coins.
Drum Roll (500 XP) Got One Bird to Bounce on 5 Drums in One Level.
Fantastic (500 XP) Played the Game for Ten Hours.
Golden (500 XP) Earn 25 Golden Crowns.
Hammer Time (500 XP) Use the Hammer Power-up.
Head Shots (500 XP) Found 5 Photographs.
Heavy Purse (500 XP) Earn 5,000 Coins.
I Meant to do That (500 XP) Earned 1 Golden Crown.
Leaps and Bounds (500 XP) Bounce Stella 1,000 Times.
Only Three is Enough (500 XP) Three Star 50 Levels.
Paparazzi (500 XP) Found 20 Photographs.
Parkour Kid (500 XP) Bounce Stella 200 Times.
Pig Out (500 XP) Pop 1,000 Pigs.
Piggining (500 XP) Pop 100 Pigs.
Power of Three (500 XP) Three Starred 131 Levels.
Smashy Smashy (500 XP) Use the Hammer Power-up Ten Times.
Snapshot (500 XP) Found 1 Photograph.
Star Bounder (500 XP) Earn 300 Stars.
Star Gazer (500 XP) Earn 50 Stars.
Star Reacher (500 XP) Earn 100 Stars.
Star Trekker (500 XP) Earn 200 Stars.
Starting Out (500 XP) Played the Game for One Hour.
Stella Fan (500 XP) Play the Game for Five Hours.

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