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>> Download - Italian Job <<

Select your platform and your letter

Download - Italian Job - Psx

Name of the file: Italian Job - Author: TIN - [PSX]

Unlocks Everything code.
Goto Main menu Highlight Italian Job then press:

Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle,
Square, Triangle

(LOADING message will now appear on Screen)

Now you can play any level :o)
--from tinklemagoo (

Unlock Stuff
While in the main menus input the following codes:
Unlock All Missions in Italian Job mode: Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square, Square.

Unlock All Checkpoints: Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle

Unlock all Destructors: Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle.

Unlock All Free Rides: Square, Triangel, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Circle.

Unlock All chalanges: Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.

*note:If entered correctly you will hear an applaus and some cheering.

Lamborghini Miura
Complete the game to get the Lamborghini Miura available in free ride mode.

Play Challenge Mode
To play the challenge mode you need to finish the game once, them on the main menu move your cursor to the bus(now able to select), in this mode you can play some missions based on turning, jumping and braking.

All Free Ride Missions Complete
Enter this at the main Menu!
Square, Triangle, Square, Circle (3), Triangle, Circle

All Italian Job Missions Complete
Circle (2), Triangle, Square (2)
Enter this at the main Menu

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