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>> Download - Victoria : An Empire Under The Sun - Cheat Codes <<

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Download - Victoria : An Empire Under The Sun - Cheat Codes - Pc

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Name of the file: Victoria : An Empire Under The Sun - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

When playing game press F12 then type any of these cheats below and press enter again:

Code - Effect
TRANSPORTS - Get Transports
PRESTIGE - Get Prestige
MONEY - Get loads of Money
LEADERSHIP - Get Leaders
DIFRULES - Play like a God
NOWAR - No War
NOREVOLTS - Defeat all
NOLIMIT - No Troops Limits
NOFOG - No Fog
HANDSOFF - Hands off all
SHOWID - Get Province IDs
FULLCONTROL - Total Control

Press [F12] during game play, type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Entering a code without any number after it results in 100 units, while adding a number afterwards will give you that many units. For example, small_arms 10000 will result in 10,000 small arms.

Effect Code
100 airplanes aeroplanes
100 ammunition ammunition
100 artillery artillery
100 automobiles automobiles
100 barrels barrels
100 canned food canned_food
100 cattle cattle
100 cement cement
100 clipper convoy clipper_convoy
100 coal coal
100 coffee coffee
100 cotton cotton
God type rules difrules
100 dye dye
100 electric gear electric_gear
Land unit morale upgrades event 100
Land unit organization upgrades event 101
Infantry +1 defense, +2 max fortifications event 102
Gas attacks unlocked event 109
Defense against gas attacks unlocked event 110
+2 fire value for infantry event 112
+10 morale to naval units event 200
+10 organization to naval units event 201
Corvettes unlocked event 212
Steamer transports replace Clippers event 213
Commerce Raiders unlocked event 214
Ironclads unlocked event 215
Monitors unlocked event 216
Cruisers replace Frigates event 217
Torpedo Boats unlocked event 218
Destroyers unlocked event 219
Dreadnoughts unlocked event 220
Heavy Cruisers unlocked event 221
Destroy random factory event 24025
Free cavalry division, -12 Manpower event 23019
Free dragoon division, -12 Manpower event 23018
Free infantry division, -10 Manpower event 23017
Random technology you do not have yet event 24037
Increase Prestige by 10, improve relations with three random nearby nations by 25 event 24020
Increases the output of Precious Metal RGO by 10 event 24013
Reduces your nation's militancy by 2, requires Bureucracy invention event 22013
Communist revolution, country becomes a Proletarian Dictatorship event 23100
Conservative revolution,c ountry becomes a Presidential Dictatorship event 23103
Liberal revolution, country becomes a Democracy event 23101
Reactionary revolution, country becomes a Monarchy event 23102
Upgrade rail level of random province you own by 1 event 24012
8 Research points event 24008
100 explosives explosives
100 fabric fabric
100 fertilizer fertilizer
100 fish fish
100 fruit fruit
100 fuel fuel
Total control fullcontrol
100 furniture furniture
100 glass glass
100 grain grain
Hands off all handsoff
100 iron iron
Additional leaders leadership
100 liquor liquor
100 lumber lumber
100 luxury clothes luxury_clothes
100 luxury furniture luxury_furniture
100 machine parts machine_parts
Additional men manpower
Additional money money
Disable fog nofog
Disable troop limits nolimit
Defeat all enemies norevolts
No war nowar
100 oil oil
100 opium opium
100 paper paper
100 precious metal precious_metal
Additional prestige prestige
100 regular clothes regular_clothes
100 rubber rubber
Display Province IDs showid
100 silk silk
100 small arms small_arms
100 steamer convoy steamer_convoy
100 steel steel
100 sulfur sulfur
100 tea tea
100 telephones telephones
100 timber timber
100 tobacco tobacco
Additional transports transports
100 tropical wood tropical_wood
100 wine wine
100 wool wool

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File size: 433 octets

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