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>> Download - Armored Core 2 : Another Age <<

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Download - Armored Core 2 : Another Age - Psx

Nom du fichier : Armored Core 2 : Another Age - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Unlimited energy
Press L2 + R2 + R3. A ''Limiter Release'' system error message will appear. during a limited time you will have unlimited energy (appx. 1 minute). After that minute, an ''OB Down'' message will appear under charging in the upper left corner. It will last almost as long as the previous error depending on the AC core you built, but you will not have any energy. After ''OB Down'' is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal. .

Continue from Armored Core 2:
Load the saved data from Armored Core 2 in the one player scenario. You will start out with all previously obtained weapons and money.

Bonus missions:
Successfully complete the game, save your data, then load it again at the title screen. You can now access three new high-paying missions where you face Stinger in his AC (from Armored Core: Project Phantasma), Phantasma (who Stinger had merged with), and Final Nine-Ball (from Armored Core: Master of Arena). Fortunately, you can go overweight for all these missions. All are very tough. After defeating all three, you will get some very fast hover legs, and an "Inside" orbit cannon.

Overweight AC:
Successfully complete the game and save your data. Load the saved data, and you may play missions with your AC overweight.

Enemy emblems:
Destroy an enemy AC during a mission to unlock its emblem in emblem edit mode.

Hint: Eyelet City (Test New MT Model): Hidden AC part:
Win the mission as soon as possibly by destroying all four D-1 MTs. Zio Matrix will award you the Inside Dummy Maker - INW-DM-MV part. Note: try using the fastest bipedal legs (ZLN-WAO2/SS) to get it.

Hint: Horwick Mountains (Attack The Airbase): Hidden AC part:
Go to where the second line of mountains start and look for a door on the right that has "Area 99" on it that you can open. Enter it and go up the elevator. You will be in a room containing many boxes. Destroy all the boxes. One of them will contain the Middle Rocket Launcher - ZWR-M/30.

Hint: Scissors Forest (Escort AC Parts Transport): Hidden AC part:
Immediately at the beginning, shoot the transport to weaken it but do not destroy it (you will lose the mission). You will have to shoot it a lot since it has strong armor. When the AC is detected, destroy it. Immediately after you destroy it, take out the transport and get the part (Head - EHD-SCOPEEYE) before the mission ends. You have to be quick to win the mission and get the part.

Hint: More hidden AC parts:

Neo Izak: Complete All Missions Back EWR-M40
Old Gal: Complete Attack the military warehouse BEX-BT180
Old Gal: Complete All Missions EWG-RF-10LB
Horwick Mountains: Complete All Missions ELN070
Hint: Second bonus mission:
Jump on top of the enemy. You will have to fight one on one. Keep shooting his head. He cannot hit you there, and its an easy way to win.

Hint: Getting parts:
Though it is rather obvious, you get parts whenever you complete all the missions at one location.

Change difficulties in mid game
While you cannot change your the difficulty setting in single player mode after you start the game, you can in split-screen mode. Just go to ''Split-Screen'' mode, and load the AC file that you want to it's difficulty changed. Once the data is loaded, go to ''Options'', look for ''Level'' and change the difficulty to the one you want. Once changed, go to ''Data Save'' and save. When you load the data in single player mode, the difficulty will be set to the one you set it in split-screen mode, and you you dont have to start all over again. In other words, if you originally set it on hard, then you change the difficulty to normal in split-screen, when you load the data, the game will be set on normal. This is perfect for those who only have one plus file, and want to change its difficulty.

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