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>> Download - Ace Combat 4 : Shattered Skies <<

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Download - Ace Combat 4 : Shattered Skies - Psx

Nom du fichier : Ace Combat 4 : Shattered Skies - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Ace Difficulty
If you beat Expert, you will be awarded the Ace Difficulty, If you miss any missions without getting S ranking, You won't have the X-02 for this setting!

Expert Mode
To unlock the expert difficulty setting, first beat the game under the hard difficulty setting.

Unlockable Items
Complete the game on normal and get an S rank for every mission to unlock all the aircraft, including the X-02 Multirole fighter. This fighter is perfect for just bout any mission.

Complete the Trial Missions with all S ratings in order to unlock one of each aircrafts' two alternate color schemes. Only the X-02 does not apply.

Each aircraft has a third color scheme as well, but these are harder to get. You have to defeat the enemy 'Aces' that are hidden throughout the missions. There is at least one Ace per mission. They're hard to find and don't show up on radar until you get close, so it's best to use the Free Mission option to hunt them down. Once you kill an Ace you only need to complete the mission successfully. When you check the shop you will see that the typer of aircraft the ace was flying (ie. F-5, Su-35, etc.) will have a third color scheme unlocked, matching the Ace's.

Bonus options:
Successfully complete all 18 missions, then save the game. Load the saved game to unlock the following new options at the main menu. The "Special Continue" option allows the entire game to be replayed with new fighters and weapons, plus the money earned in the first game. The "Free Mission" option allows any mission to be played. The "Trial Mission" option allows the game to be played in either score attack or time attack modes. The "Scene Viewer" allows FMV sequences to be played. The "Music Player" option allows any of the 36 songs in the game to be played.

Acquiring 2nd color scheme
By completing each mission in normal difficulty with an S-rank you unlock the secondary color for each fighter. By shooting the aces you get the 3rd. It is not neccessary to pass the trial missions for the 2nd colors

Alternate colors-Ace locations.
To unlock the alternate colors for the planes there is an ace placed in each mission that you must find and shoot down. Here are the planes and locations for each mission.

1. F-5 just north of the allied airbase
2. A-10 north of the enemy airbase
3. F-16 South of the second radar station(the westernmost one)
4. Mirage 2000 Northwest of the westernmost radar jamming plane
5. MIG-29 South of the far western pumping station on the map
6. F-14 North of the northenmost group of enemies on the map
7. TND-IDS North of the solar tower
8. F-18 after refueling during the mission the ace will appear to the east of the main combat area
9. F-15C North of the center beach combat area
10. RF-01 Far upper northwest corner of the map, northwest of the sub base
11. SU-35 The ace will appear with about 90 seconds left during this mission
12. F-2 North of the stonhenge gun base
13. F-15E After clearing the radar balloons, enemy fighters will appear, the ace is in the north east
14. F-22 Ace is in the north east of the map
15. EF-2000 Ace will be in the center of the map when the mission starts(between the two southern combat zones)
16. F-117 Ace is located northwest of the westernmost combat zone(Due to stealth sometimes hard to find, head 2 grids north and 1 west)
17. F-15A Ace is located in the far northwestern corner of the map, past the city
18. S-37 The ace is located north of megalith.

The F-4 is available after completeing hard mode, the X-2 is available after completeing expert mode.

The aces are sometimes difficult to spot on radar as they don't show up until you get close. When you do find them they will be red on the radar instead of the usual enemy fighter colors of yellow or orange.

Secret Modes
You can get secret modes by defeating the game.
Finish the game in any difficulty to aquire Special Continue, Trial missions, FMV sequences, 36 musics from the game, and be able to change the color of your aircraft

Acquiring 2nd color scheme
By completing each mission in normal difficulty with an S-rank you unlock the secondary color for each fighter. By shooting the aces you get the 3rd. It is not neccessary to pass the trial missions for the 2nd colors

X-02 Color Schemes
To get the first color scheme for the bonus aircraft, the X-02, get S Rankings on all missions on Hard difficulty, either in Story or Free Mission mode.

For the second color, play through the game and get S Rankings on all missions on the Expert difficulty setting (Expert mode will open up after beating the game on Hard difficulty setting) in either Story or Free Mission mode.

Yellow 13 paint job.
To unlock the SU-37's last paint job (identical to Yellow 13's fighter) you have to shoot down all 18 aces throughout the game. There is one ace in each level.

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