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Dragon Quest Builders [PS4] - PS4

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Dragon Quest Builders [PS4] - PS4
Name of the file: Dragon-Quest-Builders-[PS4] - Author: ANO - [PS4]

Unlock Terra Incognita:
When you have completed Cantlin (first chapter) this feature will become unlocked. Terra Incognita is similar to Minecraft's Creative mode, only with different rules.

Story Challenge Rewards:
Complete the following challenges to earn the corresponding reward. All the challenges are recipes than can only be used in Terra Incognita. Access to the Challenge progression is also unlocked for each chapter you have beaten and can be viewed by going to the 'Main' menu selecting 'Chapter of Choice' followed by the 'View Challenges' option. Note: Press Square when selecting 'New/Load Game').

Costume Set - Chapter 1:
Build the Cantlin Garden

Erdrick's Legendary Items and Gear - Final Chapter:
Complete the chapter within 30 days

Featherwear Footfall Accessory (No Fall Damage) - Chapter 1:
Repair the Hammerhood's Gravegard

Flame Blade - Chapter 1:
Complete the chapter within 20 days

Forbidden Furniture - Chapter 3:
Defeat ALL the Boss Trolls and Gigantes.

Forbidden Gear - Final Chapter:
Find the Sword of Ruin.

Gourmand's Girdle Accessory (Hunger stops) - Chapter 2:
Complete the chapter within 30 days

Hot Water Crystal - Chapter 3:
Complete the Spectacular Spa blueprint.

Lyres of Slime Immemorial (For ALL modes, not just Terra Incognita; Changes ALL BMGs to 8-bit Chiptune when placed) - Chapter 3:
Obtain recipe for the lyre of slime immemorial

Meteorite Bracer Accessory (Run Faster) - Chapter 2:
Complete ALL of Thalamus's puzzles

Novelty Items - Final Chapter:
Show a verdant vision to a certain someone.

Ring of Criticality Accessory - Final Chapter:
Defeat the Final Boss without wearing the legendary armour.

Roofing Tiles Set - Chapter 2:
Repair the ruined roof

Special Blocks (Hardwood and Timber) - Chapter 3:
Build your Base to Level 5

Stone Furniture - Chapter 1:
Build your Base to Level 5

Superior Crafting Station (everything can be built here) - Final Chapter:
Build your Base to Level 4

Talaria Accessory (Double Jump) - Chapter 3:
Complete the chapter within 30 days

Water Crystal - Chapter 2:
Obtain the Crown Goowels

Wood Furniture - Chapter 2:
Build your Base to Level 5

Display Stands (Item/Equipment) - Chapter 1:
Defeat the three Dragons

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