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>> Download - Teslagrad [PS4] <<

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Download - Teslagrad [PS4] - Ps4

Name of the file: Teslagrad [PS4] - Author: ANO - [PS4]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Captured Grues (Bronze) Captured Grues.
Castle of Teslagrad (Bronze) Castle of Teslagrad.
City of Teslagrad (Bronze) City of Teslagrad.
Conquered Barbarians (Bronze) Conquered Barbarians.
Crafting Iron Lice (Bronze) Crafting Iron Lice.
Crafting Power Plants (Gold) Crafting Power Plants.
Crafting Volt Walkers (Bronze) Crafting Volt Walkers.
Failed Ambition (Bronze) Failed Ambition.
Foreign nation of Angloria (Bronze) Foreign nation of Angloria.
Foreign nation of Mesmer (Bronze) Foreign nation of Mesmer.
Foreign nation of Motorland (Silver) Foreign nation of Motorland.
Full Completion (Platinum) Find all 36 scrolls in the game.
Glorious Alliance (Bronze) Glorious Alliance.
Glorious Coronation (Bronze) Glorious Coronation.
Glorious Rule (Bronze) Glorious Rule.
Grand Ambition (Silver) Grand Ambition.
King's Grief (Bronze) King's Grief.
King's Grudge (Silver) King's Grudge.
King's Vengeance (Silver) King's Vengeance.
Lone Ambition (Gold) Lone Ambition.
Long for a Family (Bronze) Long for a Family.
Long for a Past (Bronze) Long for a Past.
Long for a Savior (Bronze) Long for a Savior.
Oleg's Adoption (Gold) Oleg's Adoption.
Oleg's Duty (Bronze) Oleg's Duty.
Oleg's Grief (Silver) Oleg's Grief.
Protective Father (Gold) Protective Father.
Raiding Barbarians (Silver) Raiding Barbarians.
Resourceful Father (Bronze) Resourceful Father.
Serving Barbarians (Silver) Serving Barbarians.
The Guardian Faradeus (Silver) The Guardian Faradeus.
The Guardian Fernus (Bronze) The Guardian Fernus.
The Guardian Orb (Bronze) The Guardian Orb.
Tower of Teslagrad (Bronze) Tower of Teslagrad.
Warbred Grues (Bronze) Warbred Grues.
Watchful Father (Bronze) Watchful Father.
Wild Grues (Bronze) Wild Grues.

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