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>> Download - Watch Dogs [PS4] <<

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Download - Watch Dogs [PS4] - Ps4

Name of the file: Watch Dogs [PS4] - Author: ANO - [PS4]

Alternate costumes
Black Viceroys Outfit: Complete the preorder Signature Shot missions.
Blume Agent Outfit: Available through the Blume Agent Preorder Pack; features a weapon boost (greatly reduced recoil).
Chicago South Club Outfit: Available through The Club Justice Single Player Pack; features a driving boost (more hit points to vehicles).
CyberPunk Outfit: Available through The CyberPunk Single Player Pack; features the Cyberpunk gun.
DedSec Outfit: Available through The DedSec Shadow Single Player Pack; features a hacking boost (one battery slot).
Untouchables Outfit: Available through The Untouchables Pre-Order Pack; features Thompson sub machine gun.
White Hat Hacker Outfit: Complete the four PlayStation exclusive missions; features a hacking boost (one battery slot).

Biometric assault rifle
Complete the preorder Signature Shot missions.

Perks and bonuses
ATM hack boost: Complete the Palace Pack mission; increases cash rewards when hacking banks.
Investigation Bonus: Complete the Palace Pack mission; allows more investigative opportunities inside the network databanks.
Vehicle expert perk: Complete the ULC mission in The Breakthrough Pack; allows free vehicles from Underground Car Contact and discounts on selected cars.

Tommy Gun
Complete the QR Code mission.

Vespid LE vehicle
Collect all eight burner phones.


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

100% Clear (Platinum): This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked.
Hello World (Bronze): Take down Maurice.
End of Line (Silver): Complete 40 Fixer Contracts.
Basest Base (Silver): Complete every Gang Hideout.
They Call Him The Vigilante (Silver): Complete every Investigation.
Peephole (Silver): Complete every Privacy Invasion.
Road Rage (Silver): Complete every Criminal Convoy.
Enforcer (Bronze): Use the Crime Detection System to take down 20 confirmed criminals.
Hard Crash (Bronze): Perform 10 vehicle take downs.
Communication Fail (Bronze): Using non-lethal takedown, stop 10 civilians from calling to report you.
Bookmarked (Silver): Tag 100 enemies.
Power Cycle (Bronze): Participate in 5 different City Games.
Magic Smoke (Bronze): Kill 4 enemies within a single instance of Focus.
Escape Loop (Bronze): Escape 15 police chases.
Free Radical (Silver): Escape a level 5 police chase.
White Rabbit Object (Silver): Escape 15 police scans.
Scanproof (Silver): Escape a level 5 police scan.
Hardware Fail (Silver): Shoot out a tire on 15 different vehicles.
Black Hat Trick (Silver): Kill 3 enemies with a single IED.
Revoking Client Privileges (Bronze): Complete the final mission in the Human Traffic Investigation.
Saturday Night Special (Bronze): Complete the final mission in the Weapons Trade Investigation.
Sanity Check (Bronze): Collect all 8 Burner Phones.
Read-only (Bronze): Complete the final mission in the QR Code Investigation.
Darkness Looms (Bronze): Complete the final mission of the Missing Persons Investigation.
Geolocated (Silver): Check in at every Hotspot.
Disk Space Full (Silver): Unlock every song with the SongSneak app.
Social Lubricant (Bronze): Complete level 10 against all 3 Drinking Game opponents.
Hackification (Silver): Invade and successfully hack 10 enemy Fixers in Online Hacking.
Piggyback (Silver): Invade and successfully observe 10 enemy Fixers in Online Tailing.
Superhighway (Bronze): Complete 10 Public Online Races.
System Mangler (Silver): Complete every ctOS Breach.
Stealth Cookie (Silver): Complete an Online Tailing without being detected.
Freeware (Gold): Unlock every Skill in the Skills Tree.
Clear Signals (Silver): Unlock every ctOS Tower.

Additionally there are six secret trophies.

Secret trophy (Bronze): Unknown.
Secret trophy (Bronze): Unknown.
Secret trophy (Bronze): Unknown.
Secret trophy (Silver): Unknown.
Secret trophy (Gold): Unknown.
Secret trophy (Bronze): Unknown.

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