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Download - Dynasty Warriors 4 - Psx

Nom du fichier : Dynasty Warriors 4 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Note: This game is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan.

A Trick To Not Lose Duels (JP version)
During a duel, stand against the border fence, and aim your arrow towards the outside of the duel area.
You will never get attacked in this condition.
Useful when you are about to lose a duel.

Bug at Battle of Chang Ban - Walk in Wall (JP version)
From the top right entrance of the castle, go toward map bottom left, there will be a walled area containing two houses. Take a careful look at the top right entrance of that walled area, you can enter the walls from there.

Bug at Battle of Guan Du - Cloning (JP version)
Bug 1
Side - Yuan Shao Side.
Character - 1P Xu Huang, 2P Zhao Yun.
After the game starts, both characters will be Zhao Yun.

Bug 2
Side - Cao Cao Side.
Character - 1P Xiahou Dun, 2P Zhao Yun.
After the game starts, both characters will be Zhao Yun.

Bug at Battle of Yi Ling - Walk in Water (JP version)
Side - Wu Side.
Character - Lu Xun.
Must be equipped with a horse saddle.
Immediately after you click on Stage Start, press and hold Up on the directional button. Don't press any other buttons, and just keep the Up pressed even after the battle starts, and Lu Xun will run into the water.

Bug at Yellow Turban Rebellion - Walk on Air (JP version)
Character - a high jumper such as Zhang He.
Equip - Fly Boots.
At the top left area of the map is the fort with all the explosions. At the top right within that fort is a broken building with a different color as all the other broken buildings, this one is light brown. Try to jump up the broken walls of the broken building and you will land in mid-air.

San Goku Shi Senki 2 Trailer
Pressing Triangle at the movie selection will show a trailer of San Goku Shi Senki 2/Dynasty Tactics 2,another three kingdoms game.

Unlock Elephant Saddle
To unlcock the Elephant saddle, you must be playing the Nanman Campaign on Nanman side, and you must find or wait for an ally to get knocked off his elephant, and ride the elephant into the enemy base. Special Item report in Nanman base.

Unlock Gaiden Stage Tian Shui (Where you get Jiang Wei)
On Act III choose ''The Battle at Chi Bi'' first and kill Cao Cao before Zhuge Liang calls the wind or the Fire Attack happens. After Act V or VI, you will go to ''The Battle at Tian Shui''.

Unlock Gan Ning
To unlock Gan Ning play Wu's Chapter Four, Battle of Xia Kou, and defeat Gan Ning. When your done with the level he would be unlcoked.

Unlock Hex Mark Saddle
During the Yellow Turban Musou mode (must be in musou mode) select the level: Yellow Turban Fortress first then select: The Campaign against Liu Bei, defeat Guan Yu and Zhao Yun before the reinforcements arrive. Then attack Liu Bei and get his life bar about one half depleted and the special item report will appear.

Unlock Jiang Wei
To unlcok Jiang wei, you need to get to the Shu Gaiden: Battle of Tian Sui

When you start listen to Zhuge Liang's and follow his instructions, defeat all the generlas outside of the castles. Jiang Wei will comes out of his castle and start to attack, defeat his two sub-generals. Get him by luring or clearing the road towareds Zhuge Liang and let them meat. Afterwards he would surrender and the other 2 generals in the other castle would surrender too. Finish by defeating the last general and jian wei would be unlocked.

Unlock Lu Bu
To unlock Lu Bu beat Mosou Mode with any kingdom.

Unlock Ma Chao
To unlock Ma Chao play Shu Chapter Four, Campaign for Cheng Du. Defeat him and he would be unlocked.

Unlock Meng Huo
In Shu or Wu Musou mode, level Nan Man Yi Settlement Battle. Defeat Meng when he challanges you in a dual. Finish the level and he would be unlocked.

Unlock Opening Edit (JP version)
Unlock all 42 playable characters in the game, and Opening Edit will become available in the Options menu.

Unlock Red Hare Saddle
To unlock the red hare saddle choose the Battle of Xia Pi Lu Bu Side. Do not kill any enemy generals, and wait for Guan Yu meet the Red Hare event. Defeat him and a precious Item would be at the bottom right part of the map.

Unlock Shadow Saddle
Play Tong Gate on Liu Bei's side. Beat the four generals in the lower right side of the stage. Take a horse or walk to the upper right area and kill Xu Zhu. Go to the upper left and kill Xu Huang and his sub-general. Kill Cao Cao's remaining sub-general, but do not kill Cao Cao. You must kill these generals yourself. If your bodyguards or allies kill them, it won't count. Go back to the lower right area and wait for a cutscene where some peons discover a number of horses. Follow the special item report and claim the saddle.

Unlock Square Sky Halberd
The Unrivalled Square Sky Halberd is Lu Bus 10th weapon. Play Lu Bu Rebellion on Lu Bu's side on hard difficulty and deafeat everything. All the troops and ambushes. You have to deafeat all the sub generals and generals, not your bodyguard. Leave Dong Zhou alive and you should recive a message saying you earned it.

Unlock Taishi CI
To unlock Taishi play Wu Chapter Three, Campaign for Wu Territory. Defeat him and he would retreat. Later on the stage he would return and join you. Finish the level and he would be unlocked.

Unlock the battle of Ru Nan
You must have beaten Musou Mode at lest one time

Once you get to the second chapter of the Shu musou mode choose Hu Lao gate first. Do not defeat Lu Bu. Defeat Dong Zhuo he migth escape so hurry up and defeat him. After the battle you will get the Tale stage Battle of Ru Nan.

Unlock Vacuum Book
Play on any difficulty in the Battle of Xu Chang Shu Side.
Protect Yue Ying while she sets up the Cloud Ladder, and defeat Xu Chu's ambush in the ally base. A precious item would be reported at the top left half of the map.

Unlock Zhang Jiao
To unlock Zhang Jiao, Clear all of the Musou Modes once.
Shu,Wei,Wu,Lu Bu,Dong Zhuo,Yuan Shao,and Nan Man

Unlock Zhang Liao
Clear the Battle of Xia Pi on Wei's Musou Mode once.

Unlock Zhao Yun
To unlock Zhao Yun, play in the Shu Kingdom and beat Act 2. You will get Zhao Yun after.

Unlock Zhu Rong
In either Shu or Wu Musou Mode level Nan Man Yi Settlement Battle, defeat Zhu Rong when she challanges you in a dual. Finish the level and she would be unlocked.

Unlocking Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao.
First, clear Wu Musou Mode once.

Then, start another Wu musou mode, and in Act I, play ''Yellow Turban Fortess'' (Zhang Bao) first, then after it, play through ''Yellow Turban Rebellion.'' (Zhang Jiao)

After this, you'll be take to the secret stage, ''Rescue the Qiaos'' where you can unlock the two characters.

Unlocking Dong Zhou
To unlock Dong Zhou. Successfully complete Lu Bu's Musou Mode Once to unlock Dong Zhou in Musou and Free Mode.

Unlocking Gaiden Stage Guan Yu's Escape Wei Side
In order to get this stage on wei side, you need to do the following.

In Act 1, Choose Yellow Turban Rebellion First.
In Act 2, Beat both levels.

After this you should unlock the Gaiden stage, Guan Yu's Escape Wei Side.

Unlocking Gaiden stage Tong Gate
In Shu musou chapter 4, select the Cheng Du stage first. If you haven't unlocked Ma Chao, he will appear. Kill him however you can and beat the stage, and Tong Gate will be unlocked. If you've already unlocked Ma Chao, defeat Pang De instead.

Opening Edit (US Version)
In order to get OPENING as a selection under OPTION, you must get all 42 character, and complete with at least one character under each force(Wei, Wu, Shu, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao)(by competing one character in each force you'll also unlock Yellow Turbans Force as a Selection in Musou Mode) for more information on unlocking character checkout Muni Shinobu's Character Unlock Guide

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