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Download - Winterstate [iPhone] - Iphone

Nom du fichier : Winterstate [iPhone] - Auteur : ANO - [IPHONE]

The best strategy when you play a level that requires that the enemy headquarters is destroyed is to sprint directly towards their headquarters when the level begins. If you do this you will face mimimal opposition because more often than not the enemy will be moving towards your position from different paths.

When making trades with the additional resources you captured make sure you check what items are in demand and which ones are not selling and only sell the items that are in demand. A red down arrow next to an item indicates it will have a reduced profit when sold.

Balanced Team:
Always try to keep a balanced team by making sure you having no more than one vehicle of a specific type.

Recon Vehicles:
Lightweight and fast cars like the Frostrailer that are well suited to flanking and scouting.

Armoured Vehicles:
Slow powerful vehicles like the Loadbeast tank are best used at the frontline to absorb damage.

Artillery Vehicles:
Long-range vehicles like the Cloudpuncher that can hit enemies with missiles from above.

Assault Vehicles:
Well-balanced vehicles that can be placed next to armored vehicles as they attack.

Support Vehicles:
Special utility vehicles like the Utilimax that send out combat drones or the Educator that repairs other vehicles.

Frostrailer Assault Vehicles:
This is a light armoured assault vehicle that is capable of zipping around the battlefield. The Frostrailer's biggest weakness is that it can be taken down easily.

Loadbeast Tank:
Knock down trees and crush any obstacles that impede your way by using the Loadbeast tank. Althought the Loadbeast tank can soak up the damage they are slow.

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