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>> Download - Dead Space : Ignition [PS3] <<

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Download - Dead Space : Ignition [PS3] - Ps3

Name of the file: Dead Space : Ignition [PS3] - Author: ANO - [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Dirty Work (Bronze): Unlock the level 4 engineering RIG.
Stop the clock! (Bronze): Successfully complete any hack on the Leaderboards.
Ain't got time to bleed! (Bronze): Successfully complete Ignition mode within 25 minnutes by any route (excluding movies).
Trace Element (Bronze): Successfully complete a Trace Route hack in any single player mode.
All your Trace are belong to us (Bronze): Successfully complete all Trace Route hacks in any single player mode.
Stormed the Core! (Bronze): Successfully complete a System Override hack in any single player mode.
Infectious (Bronze): Successfully complete all System Override hacks in any single player mode.
Laser Burn (Bronze): Successfully complete a Hardware Crack in any single player mode.
Planet Cracker (Bronze): Successfully complete all Hardware Cracks in any single player mode.
Catch me if you can! (Silver): Complete one Ignition mode path through the Leaderboards.
Did anyone survive? (Silver): Complete Ignition Mode.
Chief Engineer (Gold): Complete all hacks in any single player mode.

Replay comics
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding comic.
Comic 1-1: Make your first game path decision (repair lights or hostage situation).
Comic 2-1: Make your second game path decision after choosing to repair the lights.
Comic 2-2: Make your second game path decision after choosing to help the hostage situation.
Comic 3-1: Complete game path A.
Comic 3-2: Complete game path B.
Comic 3-3: Complete game path C.
Comic 3-4: Complete game path D.
Comic 4-1: Complete any game path.

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