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>> Download - MLB 10: The Show [PS3] <<

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Download - MLB 10: The Show [PS3] - Ps3

Nom du fichier : MLB 10: The Show [PS3] - Auteur : ANO - [PS3]

Disable Dave Campbell's commentary
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Up during game play.

Disable Matt Vasgersian's commentary
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right during game play.

Disable Rex Hudler's commentary
Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left(2) during game play.

Trophy rewards
Earn the indicated trophy to unlock the corresponding reward.
Super Pitch Speed: The "Sawed Off" trophy
Super Pitch Break: The "Caught Lookin'" trophy
Big Ball: The "Online Gamer" trophy
Fast Run: The "Sim Game" trophy
Slow Run: The "Timing Is Everything" trophy
Big Head: The "Director" trophy
Small Head: The "Contendor" trophy
Fan Appreciation: The "Around The World" trophy

Recommended teams
* Use the following players.
Jared Tabor
P: Roy Halladay
P: Tim Lincecum
P: CC Sabathia
P: Johan Santana
P: Chris Carpenter
RP: Ryan Madson
RP: Carlos Zombrano
RP: Joba Chamberain
CP: Brad Lidge
1B: Ryan Howard
2B: Chase Utley
SS: Troy Tiluitski
3B: Ryan Zimmerman
OF: Matt Holliday, Shane Victoino, Jayson Heyward
* Use the following players.
SP: Tim Lincecum
SP: Ubaldo Jimenez
SP: C.C. Sabathia
SP: Roy Halladay
SP: Stephen Strasburg
LRP: Adam Wainwright
MRP: Hideki Okajima
MRP: J.J Putz
SU: Matt Guerrier
CP: Mariano Rivera
C: Joe Mauer
1B: Albert Pujols
2B: Robinson Cano
3B: Evan Longoria
SS: Hanley Ramirez
LF: Ryan Braun
CF: Ichiro
RF: Jason Heyward
DH: Miguel Cabrera

Easy "Call It" trophy
Get a runner on first base with two outs, run a full count on the batter and call a pitch out. It does not matter that you are walking the batter, you still get the trophy. This will also work with a runner on first and second or with the bases loaded.

Easy "Professional Trainer" trophy
At batting practice, do not swing at all.

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Caught Lookin' (Bronze): Strike out a CPU player looking on All-Star or higher difficulty.
Back-To-Back (Bronze): Hit back-to-back home runs in any mode (Excludes HRD and Practice).
Take It back (Bronze): Rob a home run in any game mode.
Sim Game (Bronze): Do not allow a run in any RTTS simulated game training.
RTTS Road Warrior (Bronze): Win 8 out of 10 starts on the road in RTTS on All-Star or higher difficulty.
Make The Call... Again (Bronze): Get called up to a Major League team before the end of your second year in RTTS.
Timing Is Everything (Bronze): Call a pitchout on a steal attempt in any RTTS game.
Call It (Bronze): Call a 'Quality Start' as a catcher in any RTTS game.
RTTS: The Future (Bronze): Get invited to the All-Star Week Futures Game at any position in RTTS.
Contender (Bronze): Make the postseason in Franchise or Season Mode (without simulating more than 82 games.)
Online Gamer (Bronze): Reach 100 MLB Points.
Tres Bien (Bronze): In any mode, have a three-pitch inning with any pitcher versus the CPU.
Sawed Off (Bronze): In any mode, break the hitter's bat.
Director (Bronze): Create and save a highlight movie using the Movie Maker feature.
Around the World (Bronze): Play a game in every Major League stadium.
On the Rocks (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run into the rocks in left-center in Anaheim.
Basket Case (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run into the basket that lines the wall at Wrigley Field.
Monster Killer (Bronze): Hit two home runs over the Green Monster in any single game played in Boston (Excludes HRD and Practice).
Bobbying For Apples (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run that hits the center-field apple at Citi-Field.
Splish Splash (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run over the RF wall into the water of the San Francisco bay.
Scrap Metal (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run into the Western Metal Supply Company building in San Diego.
King Of The Hill (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run to dead center in Minute Maid Park.
Sight Seeing (Bronze): In any mode, hit a home run off of the glass in center field at Rogers Centre.
A Good Start (Bronze): Strike out 15 batters in a single game in any mode versus the CPU.
RTTS Back-To-Back (Bronze): Hit consecutive home runs in one game with your RTTS Player.
Pop Out (Bronze): With the bases loaded in the 9th, get an infield pop-up to end the game.
Customizer (Bronze): Customize any team's audio in Sounds of the Show.
HRD (Silver): Hit 30 or more home runs with any single player in HRD.
Professional Trainer (Silver): Complete a RTTS batting session without receiving a single attribute penalty.
RTTS Derby (Silver): Get invited to the HRD with any RTTS player.
Mr. October (Silver): Achieve the following stats with any RTTS player: .350 AVG, .450 OBP, .755 SLG.
Pennant Race (Silver): Capture a division title. (Simulating any games in the postseason will negate the trophy. Cannot simulate more than 82 games prior to making the postseason.)
Road Warrior (Silver): Have a 10-game road winning streak. (Simulating or fast-forwarding will restart the streak.)
Online Fame (Silver): Reach 500 MLB Points.
Out Pitch (Silver): In any one-player mode, with any pitcher, strike out the side using the same pitch for each 'out' pitch.
Triple Play (Silver): Turn a triple play in any mode versus the CPU.
Unassisted (Silver): Turn an unassisted double play in RTTS.
Crazy Eights (Silver): In the Knockout Pitch Training or Practice Mode, knock out all eight sections in eight pitches.
Hamilwho? (Gold): In HRD, hit 29 or more home runs with any player in a single round.
Victory Is MINE! (Gold): Win the World Series. (Simulating any games in the postseason will negate the trophy. Cannot simulate more than 82 games prior to making the postseason.)
Much Cooler This Year... (Gold): Join and complete an online league. (Must play 60% of the games).
100% Clear (Platinum): This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all trophies have been unlocked.
Additionally there are two secret trophies.
Stolen Thunder (Bronze): Throw out two runners attempting to steal a base in any RTTS game.
Choker (Bronze): In any mode, lose the game after inserting your closer with a two or more run lead in the 9th. (Must be a save opportunity).

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